Study what you Enjoy without Competition or Pressure – 27 Aug 08


A young girl was here for a healing session. She said: “Swami Ji, I am lost. I don’t know what will be my future, I am studying but I don’t know for what. What will be the outcome? I don’t feel secure with these studies. I don’t know what I will do after finishing. I don’t know if I chose right. Sometimes I have the thought that all this time, money and energy of these five years was wasted. I don’t know my way.”

I said her that I see this very often these days and with many young people who are in the same situation. They are studying but have doubts if it is good what they are doing. Why is it like this? Many of them want to be the best but there is a lot of competition. They compare themselves to others and don’t find themselves good enough. It is an inferiority complex and whatever they do they think it cannot be fine, it cannot be okay.

This is one thing. But of course the surrounding and the society have a big influence on this feeling. Here everyone has to prove himself; everyone needs to be the best. This is how these complexes develop. And then some find themselves in studies which they did not want to do, which do not match their nature and which they only chose to show to the parents, themselves or the society that they are good and they can achieve and manage this.

Others chose studies which suit their nature but they feel that it does not seem to be good enough in other people’s eyes. In both ways you can change something. Be proud of yourself. You are unique and wonderful and when you know this, the world will see it, too. Please do what you enjoy. Enjoy your life! It is too short not to enjoy it. And you can have the trust that even if you do not know what it will be good for in your future, if you stop worrying you will see that there will be the right thing at the right time for you.

We enjoyed the day. Ann and Chris, who are here from Ireland, spent the afternoon with us and Eleonora came with Stella, her nine month old baby. Maybe you saw the last picture of her in the diary in February. She is much taller now. It was a nice afternoon and in the evening Yashendu had a Prem meditation at Sabine’s house. On the way back they picked up some ice cream which made our evening sweet.
I also talked with Purnendu and he said that the water is going back now, which is really great.

3 Replies to “Study what you Enjoy without Competition or Pressure – 27 Aug 08”

  1. When you are trying to say who you are through what you do you will not feel as though you have found the right work, an understanding of yourself or satisfaction.

  2. I often find that I can’t do the things I love unless I turn them into some kind of a contest where I have to prove myself. Trying to retrain my mind to eliminate my need for compettition. It does NOT work out in my personal life, even though it makes me productive.

  3. There is nothing worse than seeing his studies as a fight. The university can’t be compared with the elementary school, where you sometimes have subjects that you don’t like. As a student you can choose what makes you happy. And if you are able to choose, why would you decide to study something just to be the best, the richest etc. Why not study out of a passion? 🙂

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