Pressure, Stress and Tension in Schools and Universities – 25 Jul 08


Today Melanie, Ramona’s sister come from Passau. Yesterday she had passed her last exam of this semester and now she will stay here for a while. We were talking about exams and tests in universities and in schools nowadays.

Somehow the educational system creates a lot of pressure. There is a lot of fear and tension in a student’s mind. If it is pressure from the side of the parents, the teachers or from the student himself, it definitely is not the right way to learn. Before exams many students are very nervous. They are afraid of failing. They might have learned everything only for this day of the exam and with the purpose not to fail in the exam. It is not the aim to learn as much as possible so that you are good in whatever you will do later and surely the reason for learning is mostly not a great interest.

These situations before exams can be very stressful and I know some people get serious health problems because of this. And I also heard of pupils and students who committed suicide because of the enourmous tension and pressure that they find themselves in. That is not the way how learning should be. Learn from your heart, then you will remember it longer. Of course, maybe sometimes you have to learn something which you might not be very interested in but please don’t panic. Whatever happens, even if you fail, the world is still turning and it will be for the best.

2 Replies to “Pressure, Stress and Tension in Schools and Universities – 25 Jul 08”

  1. I’m a sophomore at UPenn and I love it. But I have not always enjoyed schooling. After I graduated from high school my father said something to me that has allowed me to really enjoy my time at the University. “If you do not enjoy school you shouldn’t be there.” The way I look at studying has changed. To me it is no longer a task that I need to take on for the sake of my future. I enjoy learning and thinking. If my stress is unhealthy I slow down my work. If my grades are effected that is okay. How could they be more important than my happiness, if the point of college is to ensure my happiness? Many of my parents friends tell me that I should do what it takes to make good grades. When I ask them why they say “So that you can get a good job and be successful.” When I ask them why they say “So that you can provide for your family.” When I ask them why they say different things; “So you can be happy,” or “So you don’t have to worry all the time.” Here they recognize happiness and low stress as a good thing. But as it relates to my schooling it becomes unimportant. When I ask these people if they are happy some of them don’t answer and some of them say yes. Many of them do not seem happy to me. I like to ask myself everyday “Are you happy?”

  2. I know that in China and Hong Kong there are only two chances to study and do well on the state exams, there is so much pressure to be first in the class from the parents and the teachers. There are daily lists of the tops students in the class and the bottom students are ridiculed for their mistakes. I asked a friend of mine why this is so…and he said that there are so many people in China that everyone wants to stand out and that is why there is so much pressure to do well.