The Dream of free quality Education for the Rich and the Poor alike – 20 May 15


I told you yesterday how I wished for an education in India which is the same for everyone. Education which is for every child the same, no matter how much money the parents can pay, so that everyone gets the chance to reach where he or she wants to reach! Believe it or not, I actually have a plan to achieve that.

You probably think now that I am a fool, a daydreamer or unrealistic builder of castles in the air. I want to finish the importance of money in education in a country like India, in a society where money is nearly everything for so many people – because they don’t stand a chance without.

You know however that we have been running this school for the past eight years and have already before that supported poor children by giving them education. My ideas don’t come out of thin air, they have a solid base of experience. Every year, the number of children in our school has increased. With the help of a generous donor, we have been able to build the first floor in order to accommodate five more classes and teach even more children!

Of course, there is a limit and there will always be.

I don’t think I can even dream of finishing corruption from this country. I can also not make everybody rich enough for sending their children to expensive schools with good education quality. No, my idea is to do something on a realistic level, with a small start but the possibility to become huge and have a big impact!

I will create a school according to my dream of equality. A school in which we will teach children of all levels of society, from all financial backgrounds and completely for free! We will provide education of really great quality for every student, be that the son of a rickshaw driver or the daughter of a bank’s top manager!

Just like now, our school will provide books, uniforms and food. Every child will have health insurance through school. And every child will be completely equal to the one next to him.

When our free school for small children opened, the business of a few small and cheap schools was negatively affected and one school even had to close – because the children came to us.

Now imagine we open many such schools that provide education for free for simply everyone who comes during admission time until the seats are full! This enourmous business with education will receive a severe blow – because even children who would normally go to those education shops will come to our school instead to learn with good quality but for free!

How I think to achieve and finance this? With our Ayurvedic Restaurant Ammaji’s! What, how? Read about that tomorrow!

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