Elitist Schools increasing the social Gap in India – 25 Mar 14


I yesterday explained you how many private schools in India nowadays select the students that they want to teach in a lengthy and elaborate process that includes an interview with the student, an interview with the parents and a raffle. Today I want to explain you why I believe this is not a method that should become more popular, in my opinion.

I already gave a hint yesterday: these schools are elitist. They have good quality, or at least they claim so, and they want to assure this quality by an elimination process before students even reach their school.

This elimination process however creates an even higher gap in between those who can afford school and those who cannot. In between those parents who are educated themselves and those who are not. In between the higher and the lower society.

The first obstacle for people with fewer financial means is obviously the money. The teachers of these schools get high salary for their high qualification and experience and thus their school fees are also quite high.

You cannot afford it? You won’t even try applying.

The next step is then the interview of the parents. The school administration obviously explains the parents the principles of the school – but they also want to know something of the parents. They try, based on this short interview, to judge on the atmosphere at the students’ home. Does the child have a background that supports fast learning? Parents who can explain, who can help in homework and will make their child sit down and learn?

You have the money to send your child to this school but you are not educated yourself? You will fail this interview.

The only children who can pass this application process are thus the children of wealthy, well-educated families. Only they will get the real good education. Only they can attend this school and then have the chance to good higher education, to go to a good university or college.

Continuing in this way may make such schools educate very good students but it will at the same time increase the gap between rich and poor, between the educated and the uneducated, between the literate and illiterate. It will divide the country even further instead of bringing progress as a nation. It will only create an elite and the masses will remain uneducated or with the poor quality of education that the state has to offer.

No, I think it is not right and the basic principle to teach only such students who will learn well is wrong. But more about that tomorrow.

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