A Day of Sadness – 21 Mar 08


I have made an experience last night which disappointed me very much. It has hurt me very much and I was not in a good mood the whole day and I am still sad. I will talk about this in the next days. I do not suppress my feelings, I live them honestly. I have this sadness now and I don't want to talk much about it now. However I am not long in the sadness, I do not allow that so tomorrow when the sadness is gone I will tell more about it because I think many people experience this kind of disappointment.

My friend Michael also left today. I will go in meditation later to connect with all the participants of the monthly Distance Healing and Michael, as he will be in the car in that time, will meditate while traveling. I am also looking forward to have this connection again. I like this global connection! I will also dissolve my sadness in the meditation and become fresh again before I send healing energy to the world. I have lived the sadness and after a meditation I will be fresh again.

3 Replies to “A Day of Sadness – 21 Mar 08”

  1. It is always sad, in an empathetic way not in an overcoming way, to hear that others are experiencing sadness. I am encouraged that there are only four posts in your section labeled “Sadness” there are nineteen in “happiness” 🙂

  2. I am sorry for your sadness but glad to see you so happy in almost all the other posts. I know you don’t let sadness take over your life and that you see mostly good things and this makes me happy.