Respect Yourself, then you can Respect Others – 25 Apr 10


Today we had a Darshan in the afternoon, the first activity here in Rhede. And it was very nice that the weather was fine and we could sit outside in the garden. It was a great atmosphere with the birds singing and the water of a small well making gurgling sounds.

As you know I always tell people that they need to accept themselves, respect themselves and love themselves. I spoke a little bit more about respect today. I always say that you can only give what you have yourself. You can only give love to someone if you love yourself and you can only respect someone if you have respect for yourself. If you meet a person who is disrespectful towards you, you can already see that he or she doesn’t respect him- or herself. They actually do not know the real meaning of respect, not for themselves nor for others.

So I would say next time, when you feel that a person is not respectful towards you, when you feel that this answer was lacking respect, remember that the poor guy probably doesn’t even feel any respect for himself, so you can understand that it is difficult to feel it for you.

It was a beautiful Darshan with many nice people!

4 Replies to “Respect Yourself, then you can Respect Others – 25 Apr 10”

  1. For sure. Can’t love without loving self. Can’t respect without respecting self. Can’t value without valuing self. Because the self goes the deepest.