Flexibility of Hinduism even when Suppressed by other Religions - 20 Oct 09

Our friends went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort and they came back with many impressions of how the life of the Moguls of that time was. We were talking about that time and also about the religion. The first religion of India was Hinduism but under the rule of the moguls and later under the rule of the British, Hinduism has been suppressed for 1000 years. But still it is here. It is still such a strong religion in India and has spread all over the world.

I was talking a little bit about the reasons for this. I believe that Hinduism is very flexible. There is a saying that when a storm comes, the strong and high trees which are not bending get hit by the storm and fall. The slim and flexible grass at the rivers and in the fields just bend with the wind and survive. And this is how I compare Hinduism. Although people have tried for 1000 years to kill Hindus and extinguish this religion, it survived. The ‘rules’ in Hinduism are not as strict as in other religions and there is always another way, always a solution to be found in the scriptures. I anyway left all religion but this is a very interesting topic and I think I will talk about it further in the next days.

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  1. Julien Pinatel

    Thats how Judo was founded by monks…looking at the snow falling on trees…some big…some slim…

  2. Davina Severgnini

    Also, like Tai Chi, its so true. Being flexible, meeting challenges flexibly, living with uncertainty all part of this. Thank you again swami. I love reading your posts so much wisdom, thank you.

  3. Roland Schutzbach

    Yes, and laughter and joy make us softer and more flexible….

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