Biggest Religious Drama on Earth - Kumbh Mela - 18 Feb 10

Today Ramona went to the Kumbh Mela together with Yashendu, Purnendu and Suraj. When she came back she had many impressions to share. She told about the many tents which were there and how in a very big tent they had prepared 51 fireplaces for pooja ceremonies where pandits, who perform the pooja ceremonies, were just arriving and preparing their things. She found it a funny sight to see, just like a supermarket checkout counter. One prayer after the other. And just in the opposite tent there was an obviously important spiritual person giving a lecture, people were coming and going in between and the speakers were so loud, from all directions that music, lecture and prayer mixed in to a deafening noise which was not very calming for the mind. If you wish for spiritual peace or enlightenment in this atmosphere I am curious to know how you will achieve that. This is the reason why I do not go there, for me this is the biggest religious drama that you will find on earth.

Other than that Ramona told it was just a great fair for children. There were stalls selling cotton candy, ice cream and popcorn, others selling toys and balloons and of course there were carousels, bouncing castles and a big wheel. So it was a lot of fun for Suraj and when they went on the big wheel to have an overview over the fair, Ramona was amazed by how cheap it was: only 10 Rupees, about 25 Cent and the wheel didn’t take only one round, they were turning for 20 to 30 rounds! They enjoyed, that is the important thing, but surely not because of the religious activities there.

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  1. Saleena

    Haha, I love Ramona’s perspective on it being a great fair for children. Imagine how some pilgrim’s would feel about that statement? They’d be so offended. She’s right though.

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