Flexibility of Hinduism: Biggest Quality and Biggest Drawback – 21 Oct 09


Yesterday I said that Hinduism is very flexible and that there is always a solution in the scriptures. Hinduism always cites the scriptures as the base for everything. And if for example in a ritual you don’t have one ‘ingredient’, you will find a substitute. And if you don’t find the first substitute, you find a substitute for the substitute. If you cannot do it in this way, you find another way. This is how I believe Hinduism is more flexible and this is its quality and how it could survive.

It is however also its biggest drawback, the biggest disadvantage because you never really reach a conclusion. You don’t really get a clear solution because in many scriptures you will find contradictory arguments. So if two people have different opinions they can often base their opinions on different parts of the scriptures and they can have a big argument about who is right. And in the end there is no conclusion, nothing is clear. This is how I believe its flexibility is the biggest quality and the biggest flaw of Hinduism.

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