Drama in all Religions – 19 Feb 10


Yesterday I wrote about Ramona’s impressions at the Kumbh Mela and I said that it is the biggest religious drama. And it is true, actually religion is drama everywhere. No matter which religion you take and in which country you go, there is always lots of drama going on. You do not need to show your religiousness off.

It is funny that when there are religious gatherings and celebrations like the Kumbh Mela or also gatherings of other religions, it often looks like a theatre group is rehearsing or performing a play. There are always people who try to show to the outside that they are more religious than all others around them. Of course they go to these festivities because they want to satisfy their ego. There are some people who do this drama just and only for showing off, they don’t even believe in it. They do it for the show and are really nothing else than theatre actors.

But then there are others also who actually and unfortunately started believing in the religious drama that they are doing. I said many times that I am not against religion but I am against the drama that is done everywhere. Someone said to me that the unsure believer, someone who is new to his belief and still needs assurance from his surroundings, will always do this. And somehow I also think that someone who is really sure of what he believes in, doesn’t have to make a drama but can be fully natural with his belief.

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  1. There is a sect of Christianity in South America where they honor Jesus by nailing their hands to wooden boards every year to suffer with Christ and help pay for their sins. It is crazy what some people do.