Female Circumcision in Africa because of Religion – 29 Sep 09


On one of our last days in America we were talking about different religions and then came to the topic of circumcision which is usual in several different religions. I was told that it is also usual in the USA to do circumcision right after a boy is born and with every boy.

Then I remembered that in Africa many countries still have the tradition to do circumcision on girls, too. They do a full operation just with a razorblade with very young girls. In some traditions it is the celebration of when the girl becomes a woman and in other traditions it is done already before the girl turns even five years old. It is just horrible. So many girls have infections and die either from this ‘operation’ or also later, when they give birth. And why is this all done? To control the sexual desire of women and this very often in the name of religion!

At first it was a strange thought to me how this could have something to do with religion as it is just cruel. But then Ramona also remembered that Christianity and the Catholic Church spread the message in older times that you should not enjoy having sex and if you did have fun, it was a sin. So you can see again how horrible the influence of religion can be. Why would you do something like this to a little girl? It is the illusion of control. Controlling sexuality.

I have talked a lot about this already and I always say that sexuality is like water. You cannot stop it. If you try, it will find another way to flow. This practice of female circumcision has to be stopped. If you just search for female circumcision on YouTube, you will find hundreds of videos and you can inform yourself about this subject. I also want to write a bit more in the next days.

Today we had a small inauguration party for Thomas’ new praxis, the ‘Klang-Tempel’, the sound-temple.

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7 Replies to “Female Circumcision in Africa because of Religion – 29 Sep 09”

  1. It makes one see how religion (in my opinion something that is merely a Focus for ones spirituality, a tool if you will) can be twisted to enact some horrible atrocities all in the name being a good (insert religion here). To look upon the practice of female genital mutilation as a means of controlling sexuality a means of one gender asserting control over the other gender is an abomination to the Spirit. I pray for an end to this insane practice.

  2. I Pray for understanding to rule (for lack of a better word at the moment) on this issue. The people in charge who continue this evil barbaric practice to understand just how wrong it is and to seek a better way.

  3. This is one of the cruelest and outrageous of traditions. I was in Uganda two years ago and we heard many stories of how this is still happening in the north of country in religious rituals and celebrations. However, charities are making much progress there to change the way the people think and hopefully educate them sufficiently about sex and sexual desire to stop these horrors.