God Does not Need Money or Expensive RItuals – 22 Nov 09


Yesterday I said that our country India is very God-conscious and in the name of religion people become very generous and offer much. This is great to see but I would like to ask a question: why can this generosity not be redirected to practical charity projects? I think then God would be much happier.

Of course some temples have charity projects or support the poor in some way but again I will say that from my point of view there are too many expenses for making a big drama around a statue. Why do you spend money for 17 tons of flowers when God would surely be happy with two flowers, too? The rest could decorate and flourish in its natural environment, on the trees, so that everybody who walks by is refreshed by the aroma and enjoys the beauty of this view.

I am actually not against any particular ritual, ceremony, religion or organization. People can feel free to do what they believe in and what they feel good with but I just want to see the practical side. Why do you need to keep much gold or silver when this all could be used for good causes? What are the diamonds for?

I actually think that God doesn’t want this extraordinary luxury, it is rather religious leaders who enjoy this. This is how you often see Swamis and Gurus in the Hindu religion who have a very strong wish to collect gold, silver, money and jewelry and to show it off. I really wonder why somebody who claims to give liberation of attachment to material is himself so attached to gold and money. Millions of Dollars are saved in their pockets. It is a lot here in India.

Why am I writing this? I don’t say that organizations and people are bad and I am not interested to have a discussion or fight about this topic. My intention is to encourage those who have the possibility to help, to really do it, give your love to children and make the future of your country and of your world better.


  1. Leo Rantanen

    I admire your work deeply.Have felt the call same way,while in India last time and worked for same purpose .Lots of Good wishes and success.

  2. Waeel

    I don’t understand how these supposedly ‘religious’ people can collect all this wealth in gold, money etc. and not give back. There are people in desperate need and all religions teach to help thy neighbor!

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