Dharma and Adharma in the Society of Today – 11 Oct 09


Yesterday my friend Govind was here. I have written about him and our friendship from time to time. We all were sitting and talking. He said that he was disappointed by so-called religious leaders as they don’t really believe in their religion but do exactly the opposite.

He said ‘It is very dangerous. This is not dharma, adharma came in the form of dharma. The wolf came dressed as a goat.’ The word dharma is used for religion and generally means that what is right for you, what you are following and what you accepted in your life. Adharma means the opposite. If a wolf comes or if a goat comes, that is okay, but now the wolf is coming and looks like a goat.

I said him ‘Govind, I am anyway out of any frame like a religion. And sometimes I feel that religion is like poison.’ And it is true, you look at these people who gather others around themselves with the promise of religion, something which guides them. And then they make up their own ‘religion’ by interpreting some scripture in their own way and creating rules. It steals the freedom of the mind. You need to know yourself what is right for you and everybody has different ideas of what is good or bad, right or wrong.

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  1. I love how happy you always look and how happy it makes me feel…Namaskar Swami Balendu…My heart is in Pokhara Nepal but I hope that one day in life our paths will cross!!!