No Religion, No Tradition, No Lineage, just me – 30 Jul 09

New York
United States of America

As I said before, I am here in the US for the first time and we get emails asking Ramona from which lineage I was. Ramona gave them the link to the page with our aim:

I don’t give importance to lineage, I don’t believe in any tradition and I do not consider myself anymore belonging to any religion. Why should the lineage be important in a democratic country? We are all the same, have the same soul and live on the same planet. People put a label on everything, on themselves and everybody else. It is a pity because they make many limitations in this way.

One person who met me here said ‘I have met many Swamis who come here to the US but for the first time I meet a Swami who is not associated with anything.’ I can be with anyone without the limitations of religion, tradition or lineage and this is how I want to be.

Today Su left to India so she will be at the Ashram while we are travelling in the States. And we will meet again in New York when she will be back.

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2 Replies to “No Religion, No Tradition, No Lineage, just me – 30 Jul 09”

  1. I have always been saying this to people. People like to label, they think it makes them feel safer. They make assumptions. Labels limit people. Telling a child they are stupid, the child is likely to think they are and you have a self fulfilling prophercy. Labels limit us an dother people. Humans are complex, can change and have many beliefs and … See Morecontradictory thoughts all at the same time. Don’t you just hate it whe someone says to you, Oh I didn’t think you would think that, or you can’t, or thats not you!!!This is so refreshing to read, Swami Balendu is wise.

  2. Sad society, limited in so many tragic ways. Time to wake everybody up so they can morph into the spiritual being they are supposed to be. Man’s world is the unreality.