Fasting for the Health of the Husband? – 7 Okt 09


As we all know, India is a country with many different traditions, festivals and celebrations. Today was a festive day, Karva Chauth, on which married women do fasting for the long life of their husband. On that day they don’t eat anything and don’t drink anything, not even water. Only after seeing the moon in the evening they eat and drink.

Traditionally this day is being celebrated all over India. I also heard of two women who I know who are pregnant but still do this fasting. I feel it is very unhealthy and especially when you are pregnant. When you are expecting a baby, that little soul needs something. You should not ignore the necessity of this child. Not drinking even water can create difficult situations, especially in warm weather like now, because the body looses too much water.

The body is very flexible and you can do a lot of fasting without any health issues and many people do this. I am not against fasting but for me, fasting should be done in a healthy way. When you don’t eat, you give a break to your system so that it has time to clean. But help your body by giving it water.

On this kind of celebration day women don’t eat anything the whole day long and then, when they saw the moon, they make a celebration dinner and eat lots of fried things and a very big amount. This is not the meaning of healthy fasting! But what can I do, all over India this is going on, I am not thinking of changing anyone, even my mother does this fasting.

Just another small question: why doesn’t man do this fasting on the same day for the long life of his wife? You know that I don’t believe in tradition. For me it will be healthier if husband and wife both from their love and for their love promise to always eat healthy food together maybe with regular fasting, not only once a year. This will prolong your life, not by being hungry for someone.

I actually don't believe in anything supernatural. I believe in love and that the love inside you can heal you. Nothing else. Love is the only supernatural power and we all have it. You just need to open your heart and let it flow.


  1. Adele Stratton

    This I know to be True! The more love I feel inside, the more beauty i feel and see in the world! Blessings

  2. Roland Schutzbach

    Yes, and love is always here! Joyful greetings!

  3. Shauna Evans

    me too. no ghosts or aliens for me

  4. Karen Wise

    Thats unconditional love we need to love ourselves warts and all with no judgement Love you x

  5. Barbara Watson

    I like this very much!

  6. Suresh Goswami

    yashendu which love give more happiness ,love for work or the love which has got feelings

  7. Suresh Goswami

    yashendu i often visit isckon temple in question arise in my mind where one can get everlasting happiness?

  8. Yashendu Goswami

    Dear Suresh, Love always have feelings. Love has got the everlasting happiness, Love is within your heart, your heart is the temple of Love. For Love you do not need to go to any temple just need to go deep enough in your heart you will find Love.

  9. Roland Schutzbach

    It’s in your heart. Just decide to be happy, and laugh a lot!

  10. Asheem Aggarwal

    Yashendu – you are a brother from another planet :)) hehe

  11. Yashendu Goswami

    Thank you Asheem, it is great to meet on this planet. Sending you Lots of Love and looking forward to meet you in this part of planet.. :))

  12. Kelly and Erin

    My husband and I are discussing this post. We both think that if we lived in India we would fast for each other. And then we decided that we would rather share our favorite food instead!

  13. Emily

    I think it would be much more romantic if both the man and woman fasted for each other to show their devotion. They could spend the day together, feeling their love and fasting for the sake of sacrificing for the other. And at the end of the day, they could share a romantic meal together and express their love. And maybe if you’re single, you’ll wait for this tradition until you are in a relationship. Just an idea for future rituals… 😀

  14. Kathryn

    I can understand why many people still ‘celebrate’ this day as it is for the health of your loved one. However, I agree with you that fasting should be done in a healthy way. I myself fasted for Ramadan last year and it was a very interesting, personal experience. But on one day I was feeling very sick and so I didn’t fast that day. You have to think of your own health first. After all, if you are ill who will look after the husband?

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