Hinduism – Born into it or Arya Samaj – 22 Oct 09


Yesterday I talked about the flexibility of Hinduism. And while talking to my friends we also talked about it that some religions always try to make more and more followers. Hinduism however wouldn’t do this. The main point is that the general belief is that you are born as a Hindu and cannot do anything about it. You cannot convert to Hinduism and this is how a Hindu will not try to convert anybody into being Hindu, it is simply not possible. This is how there was no crusade for spreading the belief as in Christianity and people were not killed for not becoming Hindu as it happened with other religions.

And then there is another theory. Around 1875 a man called Dayananda Saraswati founded a reform movement which questioned some beliefs and until today there are many people who believe in this ‘reformed form’ of Hinduism. It is called Arya Samaj. They say that you are not born as a Hindu but that everybody who has a deep knowledge of the scriptures, of the essence of Hinduism, and has devotion to this can be a Hindu. They are also in other ways more free but about that I will write tomorrow.

Today there was a food for the day: The food for the children of the school and the kindergarten and some extra sweets were sponsored by the children of Thomas’ school in Wiesbaden. So it was children who gave for children and I am happy that when he comes back to school next week the children there will see the joy of our children here. It will also make them happy.
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  1. Judaism is the same, technically you can convert but you have to go through schooling and take tests. it’s something you have to really go and get for yourself, not something any Jewish person would try to convince you of. there are many many people, however, who believe you must be born a Jew.

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