Are Religions that much Complicated? – 17 Oct 10


Yesterday I said that people often reject those things that they don’t know. This happened so many times in the history of science and is of course still happening. The same problem can be seen with different religions when people don’t know enough about other religions and don’t have tolerance for each other.

One religious priest says we should burn the Quran, another religious person calls for burning the Bible. A religious person on one side of the world thinks doing yoga is for the devil, and on the other side they say it is against Islam. Hindus and Moslems want to build temples and mosques on the same spot and cannot agree who should have the right to build it.

In history we have seen that on the name of religion so many wars happened! The whole Second World War was started with the idea that Jewish and Christians are in some way different from each other. At present we see that the whole world suffers from terrorism on the name of Jihad.

What do all these different religions do? They just want to prove that their religion is best, that their God is best and their scripture is best. When I read about this all, I only have one idea in my mind: why don’t we leave the concept of religion altogether? Or maybe, if you don’t like this idea, we can also start a new religion and just call it ‘human’. This will be a religion only for humans, no Christians, Hindus, Moslems, Jews, Buddhists or any other identification. I don’t really have the urge to start a new religion but people always have the tendency that they need a group to belong to. For this I am saying, just call your religion human! I really only want to be human, all of us together without any religion.

In my opinion the base of all religions is love. It seems however that they have forgotten this common principle and started fighting about who is right or wrong. When people tried to make bridges in between religions, these bridges were so often destroyed by that fight. I want to appeal to everybody who is in any way involved in this fight to realize that God and love is in and for all of us. Leave the limitations and the fight of religions, please simply live in love.

Govind and Manish were here today to visit. It was nice to see them, it has been a long time since that the three of us have been together. We have been to school together and sometimes two of us meet, today it was three and it was really nice.

6 Replies to “Are Religions that much Complicated? – 17 Oct 10”

  1. Actually religion was not made for this but unfortunately it has become a reason for people to lose kindness. They forgot that we all are human and in this way religion only separates.

  2. I like to ask people who speak out of hate or misunderstanding about other religions. Isn`t good almighty? The answer will be yes, and the next question should be Don`t you think good has the power to be Jhwe for one part of the people, Allah to the other part and also a couple of goods for the next? It`s always the same power behind it, the difference is just a name and some different rituals. I think that will make people think a bit about.