Female Circumcision because of Tradition – 30 Sep 09


I said yesterday that the practice of female circumcision has to be stopped but I know it will take time until knowledge comes to the people of the villages. It is something that they have seen from their ancestors and which has become a tradition.

I always say I am against traditions and here you can see exactly that traditions do not work with progress and change of modern times. Their ancestors did it because they thought it is something good. Some did it to control the desire of women, others just thought it has to be done for the girl to become a woman. But in modern times it is often only done because of the tradition although everything around changed.

Girls go to school and learn from their teachers that they have a right to decide what they want to do. They know that their body is their own and they get to know what happens during sexual intercourse. But their society keeps this tradition and if they don’t do this ritual, if they don’t allow other women to do this kind of operation on them, they will not be accepted in their village, community and society anymore.

There are many brave women who are not in favour of this tradition and now work to let other girls and women know about it. We need to rethink traditions some time and see that what our ancestors have done is not compatible with today’s thinking, knowledge and life.

Today we had a Darshan in the evening and had a beautiful energy again.


  1. Kofi

    I am from the USA and we learn in a college course or perhaps high school about female circumcision and the various issues and opinions surrounding this subject. However I was unaware (along with several other American friends who I had this discussion with several weeks ago) that female circumcision occurs in India. I’ve just found some information in various web articles but would like to hear more if it ever comes up again as a diary topic.

  2. Terrance

    This same tradition of circumcising women happens all across Africa and it is a scary problem. My biggest worry is about those women who have this operation in unsanitary conditions by an untrained person. How dreadful.

  3. Mirela

    In the context of circumcision it pays to watch the movie “Desert Flower”. Full of brutality and emotions it shows the journey of a woman from nomadic background in somalia and her new life and career in the West, we’re she tries to fight against what happened to her: female circumcision.

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