Chicken Pox as a sign of Anger of a Goddess – 21 Feb 09

Yesterday I talked about how a sun eclipse was in former times seen as a sign that evil powers are active. There are more examples like this and I know these exist not only in Hinduism but also in other religions. Here in India chicken pox were in former times not seen as a disease but as a sign that a Goddess got angry. Her anger was said to show in this way with the small itching red spots all over the body.

Of course many children and also old people, whose body did not have the strength to resist the chicken pox, took long-lasting harm from this or even lost their lives because of this belief. Others, who were strong enough, just became healthy again without any harm done. Then it was seen as a sign that the Goddess forgave.

So this belief harmed a lot of families who didn’t send their ill ones to a doctor in the belief that it is Divine anger showing. In older times in this kind of situation they rather would go to a healer instead of going to a doctor because they thought it is not a physical thing, it is an energy problem. And then you imagine the case that the body recovers on its own which is often the case. Of course for them it will be the healer who did good work and could heal it. The healer got the credit for the great natural power of the body and people believe more in the healer’s abilities although there is nothing paranormal about that. They believe he can talk and persuade the Gods and Goddesses although he did nothing else than wait for the body to recover on its own.

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  1. systems and rules to blindly follow just because this is the way things are “meant to be” has been something evident at all times in history. So of course it makes me wonder what we believe now that could be silly and ridiculous that we won’t find out for decades. Blindly following anything is a lack of balance.

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