Does Religion Allow Men to Hit their Wives? – 20 Oct 10


News have reached us which shocked us and made again clear that there are so many places in the world where courageous people are needed to change the minds of many which will in the end hopefully change laws and religions, too.

In the United Arab Emirates the supreme court gave a verdict that a man is not allowed to beat his wife severely so that she gets marks or bruises. Of course this means in the same way that any man is allowed to beat his wife as long as he doesn’t leave any marks or bruises.

In the UAE the Sharia, the Islamic law, is not as strictly enforced as in other countries with a majority of people believing in Islam. In some gulf countries women cannot leave their house without a man. They cannot drive cars or walk on the street without male company. And of course men are allowed to hit their wives. The religious law says that a husband is allowed to beat his wife in order to keep discipline in his home and family. The Supreme Court says it is too much if she gets bruises. But what about daily domestic violence?

It is not allowed for a father to hit his daughter after she has had her first menstruation. Her husband will be the next person who is allowed to beat her if he thinks she needs to be more disciplined.

Does this really feel right to people living in the 21st century? I hardly can believe it. I have not studied religion or Islamic law but I want to ask those who did and those who believe in it, do you really think this is right? What is your definition of discipline? When exactly should you beat your wife? If she forgot to clean your shoes? If she looked at the neighbor and smiled? If she expressed her own opinion which did not quite match yours? Do you really think that these can be excuses for hitting someone? Because with this kind of law men will be allowed to do this! They will be allowed to ‘discipline’ their wives for any of such causes and law will be on their side as long as they don’t bruise!

To me it does not feel humane. It cannot be a healthy marriage and family if any of the family members feels the urge to beat another one. And if this is right by law, it will just start violence at home that can spread everywhere. You cannot stop violence in your country if you permit it in every home.

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  1. Hans-Christian Vom Kolke

    No, how could religion allow to hit anyone?! And if men and women are created with equal rights (which I believe), why should a women do the house-holding other than on the basis of a free agreement between husband and wife?!

  2. Arndt Schneider

    There is noting, really nothing, that allows a husband to beat his wife and also otherwise. Furthermore there is nothing that allows violence at all. And if mankind would understand the lessons of the great ancient teachers there would be no more violence on this planet. But to realize this mankind should learn that greed and envy are always bad teachers.

  3. Swami Balendu

    Thank you for this article Deniz.I read it and it is very informative. It shows the inequality that they believe is in between men and women. It is written by a male-dominant society for their advantage.
    I hope that people living in this modern society of the 21st century will realize this and leave this inhumane beliefs and traditions.

  4. Melissa Jean Loveland McCarthy

    If my husband ever tries to do what he tried again he is getting more than beat…i am not putting up with it anymore

  5. Melissa Jean Loveland McCarthy

    i pray to God no woman man or child will ever have to put up with him and his friends and i wont hurt him and the people who let them all get away with it should be ashamed of themselves

  6. Melissa Jean Loveland McCarthy

    Anyways it isnt the religion it is the men…but i know when they die who they are going to answer to it is one thing to fool around with soemone but intent to harm anyone evena man with intent to murder is wrong and many people who beat on others for cruelty do more than leave a few bruises just because they dont see it doesnt mean it isnt worse than it looks

  7. Betsy Bayley

    Can a woman beat-up a man and get away with it too then?Religion pah it stinks !

  8. David Vick

    All the “major religions” teach that a man should beat a woman. (Excuse me the offense of this next statement) All religions are products of society. Society is male dominated because men are physically bigger in general. So of course all religions talk about men wield this iron fist over everyone. They are designed to feed back into the system from which the came: patriarchy. To feed back in a way that perpetuates and makes stronger. If religion were purely about God and love and enlightenment then these other things would not be written. But religion specifically is not just about love and God, and almost always gets in the way of love and God because it is first and foremost a social structure.

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