Terrorists killing in the Name of Religion – 13 Sep 08


Today we heard that there were serial bomb blasts in Delhi in the evening and still all TV channel news are talking about it, broadcasting new facts and figures. Many people died and hundreds of people are injured. One organization also takes the responsibility for this and says that they have done it. They sent an email to a news channel five minutes before the blasts. In this email they say that they do this in the name of God.

I do not understand how God should be happy if someone does this kind of act and take the life of people or give pain. Why do humans fight or do this in the name of religion? Which religion is teaching this? In which scripture is this written, which scripture supports this? This is how I sometimes feel that religion works like poison. I don’t know what they want to achieve. Those who died were fully innocent, what is the benefit for the murderers? Politicians seem to play their game and don’t seem to be sensitive about the situation. A lot of talk and not much is done. They have their gunmen around and feel secure and talk about it from a distance that I can’t understand. Sometimes I feel why can’t we all be human, why can’t we be without any religion? Is religion for spreading hate and mistrust? Why can’t love be our religion? 

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3 Replies to “Terrorists killing in the Name of Religion – 13 Sep 08”

  1. I remember when this happened I had just made dinner for my family and Dad had the news channel turned on. We were all so disturbed by news of the attacks, it is extremely unsettling anytime something like this happens, especially in your home country. Take care to you and your family!

  2. Sherry: We had a similar reaction at our home when news of the attacks reached us. And yes, it is worse when it happens in your home country. My brother married an Indian woman- Parvati – and she was so worried about not being home when things were happening in her country like this.It is a sad occasion every time.

  3. It seems strange to me that terrorist attacks affect people in a bigger way than full out wars sometimes. I think its because in a war you have guns and tanks and airplanes that all bring distance to the situation. you can kill someone without having to see them fall. in a terrorist attack there is no warning and someone comes into a public place and kills themselves and no one sees it coming. A terrorist attack can kill a hundred thousand less people than some other acts of war, and yet it often resonates more. Still it’s disturbing every time.