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God has no religion – just like me – 26 May 11

Someone asked me a question on my facebook page. I thought it could be interesting for more people, so I decided to answer it here in my diary.

“Swami, I have been reading your writing for some time now. I have also seen your profile and understand that you are a spiritual person and not religious. And I find that great. In reading some of the other blog posts you wrote, I saw that you don’t believe in worship of any man. I could not agree more. But I do not understand that you do not believe in Krishna and Ram. Do you believe in Christ? Or you don’t believe in Jesus Christ or Muhammad. Just trying to understand as I am a follower of your blog. Also I was showing my grandma your website and she said that some of the mantra that you have on your website belong to Hanuman. So I am confused. Thanks and regards Swami.”

I replied this question by saying that I see Krishna and Ram as my very close friends. I grew up with them and each year I wish them a happy birthday. How could I forget them? Their names are on my tongue often. When I greet people, I say ‘Jaisiyaram’. There, too, the name of Ram is present. Sometimes you can hear me say ‘He Ram’, just as those, who grew up in Christianity sometimes say ‘Oh Jesus’ or those who grew up in Islam say ‘Insha'Allah’.

This does not mean however that I am Hindu. I am no more a Hindu. I come from a very strong religious background but I do not consider myself anymore belonging to any religion. I don’t do any rituals and I don’t go to temples for worshipping. I have also not changed my religion. I don’t believe in converting or jumping from one religion to another. I did not start going to churches, synagogues or mosques now. I have left religion.

Sometimes people then wonder, if I left religion, why do I write ‘Swami’ Balendu? If I am not a Hindu, why do I use this attribute? I actually don’t see this word ‘Swami’ in connection with religion. You can read about this question in detail in one of my previous blog entries.

I don’t want to be Hindu, Muslim, Christian or anything else. I just want to be Human. I encourage other people, too, to leave religion and become only human. I believe religion often had and has the effect of poison: it kills people, it separates them, it creates hate among them. Human is made by God and religion is made by man. God did not create people with different religions, he made us all the same.

If you ask me now why I then use the names of God or their Mantras if I don’t believe in any religion, I have to tell you that I don’t think any of those Gods has a certain religion. For me Ram and Krishna are not Hindus, Jesus not a Christian and Allah and Muhammad not Muslims. They are God and they are one. I say love is God. They all are love and they all are God, without any religion.

I grew up with Ram and Krishna as my friends. Later I got to know about Jesus and Muhammad and made them my friends, too. I believe they love me, too. We have something in common: they don’t have a religion and I don’t, either. I am not a religious person and I don’t seek God in religious icons or figures. I know God is love and lives in our heart. If you, in a prayer or mantra, mention the name Jesus, Ram or also Hanuman, another friend of mine, it doesn’t mean that you specify a religion you are praying to. You have God in your heart, no matter which name you say with your tongue.

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  1. Armin

    I already saw you post in facebook, I like this very much. I would say nearly the same as of me, but just mention it in the oposite. If one would ask me I would say, I`m a aasatru, a hindu, moslem and a christian. :-)It`s realy sad what religion courses around the world. It should spread love and not hate and separation.



  2. Swami Balendu

    Dear Armin,Happy you like it. You are either everything or nothing. As soon as you go into one, you are separating people from each other.
    Much Love!

  3. Hannah

    A universal religion for all of us could be that we just believe in love. I think this idea of yours if a very good one. If we all follow, why will there by war for God? If all of us had one God and we all were his children, this idea would not even come up.

  4. Steven Vogel

    Dear Swami Ji-I couldn’t agree more!! I consider myself a universalist Human who takes some of whatever works for me from all facets of life, Love is the answer!! Be well——-

  5. Share Care

    “Love is God” so well said. I believe that “LOVE” should be everyone’s religion. The purpose of any religion is to educate us about our spiritual unity. Truth is one. That is why my motto has always been, “Truth is One, Paths are Many. There are so many things that can separate and divide us. We say, “I’m an American,” or “I’m an Australian.” “I am white,” or “I am black.” “I am fat,” or “I am thin,” “I am a boy,” or “I am a girl.” “I am Christian,” or “I’m Hindu,” or “I’m a Jew.” My color may be different from your color. Her color may be different from somebody else color. We are all of various colors and hues because nature never makes duplicates. There is constant variety throughout the creation. But inside, we all have the same light; we are all made in the image of God. The same light is shining through many different colored lamps. When we look at the outside alone, we will only see differences. But when we go a little deeper, we see the oneness. Don’t we say that “beauty is only skin deep.” Scratch less than one millimeter beneath the surface and we all have the same color blood. So, if we see the difference, we are different; we are separate. But if we see the Spirit, we are the same. I am you, you are me; we are not different. We have all the differences and individual distinctions, but we are so much more. These definitions are what you use in order to function in this world. The challenge given to each and every one of us is to remember that oneness behind the outer differences.

    God gave each of us a different costume, different makeup, a different role, in order to play our part in the world. But behind all these differences we are all one in Spirit. When we forget that and identify ourselves with the superficial differences, we lose sight of the spiritual oneness. So, religion asks us to get back to that original state. The very meaning of the word “religion” is to “bind back;” to get back to your original oneness.

    When we argue about what is the right path and whose religion is best, there is something terribly wrong with our approach. Then, we are looking at the superficial side of religion and forgetting to go deep into its foundation. If we did go deep, we would find that all the religions ultimately talk about the same God, the same Truth; but somehow we ignore that common base and continue to fight over the superficial aspects.
    So, let us resolve not to fight in the name of religion. When the understanding comes that essentially we are one appearing as many, then all the other problems physical and material will be solved. Until then, they will never be solved because the basic cause for all the world problems is the lack of understanding of this spiritual unity. Wherever you go say, “We look different, but we are all one in Spirit. Hello, brother; hello sister.” No religion is superior and no religion is inferior. We are all doing God’s work. We should learn to live together and work toward one goal: to share and care, love and give. When the understanding comes that essentially we are one appearing as many, then all the other problems physical and material will be solved. Until then, they will never be solved because the basic cause for all the world problems is the lack of understanding of this spiritual unity. Wherever you go say, “We look different, but we are all one in Spirit. Hello, brother; hello sister.” No religion is superior and no religion is inferior. We are all doing God’s work. We should learn to live together and work toward one goal: to share and care, love and give. This is the way i view religion as and that is just my opinion my friends………Love each other……Mother Teresa once when people were fighting race….”There is only one race and that is Human race”……OM Shanti. Shanti. Shanti…..Peace to all Human mankind.

  6. Prashant Vishe

    Human has no religion. If we accept this then we need not worry about God’s religion.

  7. Ken Cuyler

    Thank you. As someone who practices Hinduism and Shamanism as well as a taker of all faiths I thank you so much. I love it. Ohm, Aho, and Blessed Be.

  8. Ursula Nujici

    As a Child I was wondering why there are so many Religion, when there is only ONE GOD. My Father was the one who had very much Influence me, he always told us that there is only one God and all Human are same. He also always remind us to say the truth no matter what. To be Strong and stay in truth and take responsibility for your actions … miss him very much!However it took a very long time till I could take last step to freed myself . only when I left religion, I have been able to notice how that bonds of Religion had tied me up … suddenly there was an infinite space … I felt free to fly and embraced from the love around me … and there I understood for me that this was a prison build up from human and for most of People the cause is more fear then love.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you for such an honest writing. I agree that God has different names and cannot be bound by any religion or practice. I am still trying to understand if you think believing in Ram or Guru Nanak is right. Who do you believe in ? Please dont say God or love casue love is just one manifestation of God. And God in his unmanifested form is hard understand. So when you are in despair or when you pray to God, who do you think of, who do you remember. I remember Guru Nanak and Ram. I still dont understand how is Hanuman your friend ? What do you mean. Is he like a person in your village or the real Hanuman. But do you worship them . Thanks

  10. Swami Balendu

    You are welcome Ken, I am happy that you enjoyed it. I practice only love. Lots of love to you, too!

  11. Swami Balendu

    Dear Ursula, your father said something very wise there. Nice that he had such an impression on you. And it is true, in all religions you will see the policy of creating fear. Be free and enjoy love without fear or boundaries!Love!

  12. Swami Balendu

    Dear Anonymous, You can believe in anyone all is fine. I believe in Love. They all are my friend and you too and friendship don’t need worship. for more detailed answer please continue reading by blogs. Thank you. Sending you lots of Love

  13. Ursula Nujici

    yes he was a very wise man …slowly slowly I do understand the deepness of him more and more … love was the only drive and intention of his acts 🙂 …. Yes Swami ji I do enjoy and celebrate each moment …. life is Beautiful and Love is Wonderful :))) Thank you ! LOVE !

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