Creating Greed for Donations – A Popular Idea of Religion – 9 Feb 11

When writing the diary entries of the last days, I had a thought which is in a way very ironic. Religions, gurus and many more persons and institutions claim that they help people to live according to moral values. They preach to whoever wants to listen and talk a lot for all the virtues and against all the vice that we find in humans. On the other hand however they keep encouraging greed and are very often greedy themselves.

It is not the first time that I write about the greed of religions and religious leaders but maybe the first time that I write about the greed that they create in their followers.

Why exactly would anybody give a donation to a temple or a guru? To get blessings. Blessings for what? To achieve something bigger or to get something which is unlikely or difficult to achieve or to get. To sum it up, they think they can take a shortcut. They don’t want to go the whole way and try to find a shorter way.

I don’t know exactly whether this happens in other religions, too, but I know very exactly how it happens in Hinduism. Whatever you are wishing for, you only need to ask a priest or at a temple and they will tell you a certain pooja, a certain ritual or a certain prayer which you will have to do, often with them or at their temple. Every of these rituals or ceremonies has its price. Again and again, you find the same system: if you have a big wish, a bigger ceremony or more important prayers are necessary which obviously cost more. The conclusion is, if you want to have one million, you have to spend ten thousand first.

If you do this, you will get that. These rules are made by the writers of scriptures and founders and leaders of religion. They can show you the proof of what they say in their scriptures. There you will see written, black on white, if you do this ritual, you will get that benefit. So first of all they preach from these scriptures, create greed in people to get all those benefits and afterwards offer them to do the rituals for them. It is a full business.

They make people think ‘Okay, if I anyway get a million afterwards, I can spend ten thousand now, afterwards I will have much more.’ Instead we have to let people know that there are no such shortcuts. They have to learn to trust themselves and they have to realize that God does not love any priest or guru more than them. Do work and believe that God does only what is best for you.

4 Replies to “Creating Greed for Donations – A Popular Idea of Religion – 9 Feb 11”

  1. People always try to do it the easy way. It is just normal. Nobody wants to work hard if there is a way to get what you want without it, too. Unfortunately this is an illusion.There is no shortcut, as you said, to a connection with God. Not any wonder because he is just there. You don’t have to travel a long way, he is just next to you.
    But for some material things he lets you work hard and then you have to go through it!

  2. Religions have always been making people greedy and if i understand your previous diary entries right, gurus have been doing the same thing. I think I remember you wrote about Sathya Sai Baba, that he has gold for his rich followers and ashes for the poor. What else is this? He is greedy, they are greedy, they fit together very nicely and just increase each others’ greed further…

  3. Haha, for sure, but who is going to write them? You or I? Or are we waiting for some other kind of saint to come by and tell that he and only he has the right view on things?I don’t think it would get better from this. You cannot just erase religion and you cannot change all people at once. The game of greed has always been played and it will go on forever, there is no other way.

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