No Religion, no Guru and no Sin – Just live Life – 26 Feb 10


I was writing about religions and would like to write a bit more about how religions talk about sins. It is in many different religions, not always using the word ‘sin’ but always with this message: If you do not follow our rules, God will punish you. I do not like this because it makes people afraid. Why do you need to make people afraid? If the rules that you put up make sense, you don’t need to make others afraid, they will understand it on their own and follow them!

But unfortunately this is what happens with the course of time in most religions and especially when you have religious leaders as heads of these religions. They often develop the ego of being the ones who tell others what to do. In my opinion religion and spirituality don’t need a guru. It is the way that you go and what you accept in life, it is nothing to learn, it is just implementing your honesty into life. You have to walk on this path, it is not like studying business management or learning a language. It is love and you don’t need to learn love. If you are in love and you are honest, you are already spiritual.

You do not learn any philosophy, do not need to learn any scriptures and you just need to follow your heart. And in your heart you will know that God will not punish you. Why would He? There is nothing you can do wrong, no sin to commit. Just be simple, honest and in love. That is all.

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  1. I was a strict Christian for most of my life, following rules and teaching about sins and punishment. The thing that made me start to question religion is I began to consider “sin” and what it could actually mean.Sin is treated like a an absolute, an act of disgust that we compulsively do and need forgiveness from. In makes for a life of shame and judgement. I started considering sin, now I believe what religions call “sin” as a misconception for acts we can do that may makes us feel unhealthy or harm us. Not things we should worry about being judged for, or judge others for. If we strive for healthiness then there is no way to sin. Striving for healthiness keeps judgement out and balance in.

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