Shiva Lingam – How the Worship of a Penis started in Hinduism – 17 Feb 15


Today is Shivaratri, a Hindu holiday in India which is celebrated as the wedding day of Shiva and his wife Parvati. For every Hindu temple, this is the day of the biggest Shiva worship of the year. Many of you will already know that Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shivling or Shiva Lingam, a penis-shaped statue. Today I would like to present you the story written in Hindu scriptures which is behind this worship.

This story is mentioned in different scriptures and, as usual, with some variations. I will give you two of them, so that you get an idea:

Shiva’s first wife had died and in his incredible sadness, he was roaming around restlessly, wandering alone in a forest, naked and like a madman.

In that forest, there lived many rishis – which are holy men with special powers called siddhis. They had wives, too, and while Shiva was wandering around like that, these women saw him. They could not hold onto themselves when they watched him walking by naked, his divine body in full display. They ran after him, admired him and finally started touching and hugging him.

As luck would have it, just in that time, their husbands, the rishis, came by as well. Seeing their wives in close embrace with Shiva, they got very angry, accusing him of immorality. They combined their powers and cursed Shiva, no, cursed his penis, saying it should be cut off and fall down at the spot!

There is another version in which they pick up stones and throw them at him, which with their sharp edges cut off his penis, so that it falls down.

No matter how exactly it happened, the penis fell down to earth and where it fell, it stood erected and started burning like wildfire. Wherever it went – my wife asked how it ‘went’ but I cannot exactly tell you – it caused inferno and chaos. Bad things started happening in the world, as if the earth’s last day had arrived. Mountains burst, fire was spilling everywhere and people were in panic. Had the world come to its end?

All demigods and rishis went to Brahma, the creator of the world. He got to know what had happened and, together with everyone, reached Shiva. Everyone started pleading with him and praying: ‘Please, take your penis back, it is destroying the world!’

Shiva was appeased by all these prayers and agreed, but with one condition: ‘Only if you start worshipping my penis, will I take it back!’

And that is how Shiva Lingams were installed across the earth in temples everywhere and the worship of Shiva’s penis started.

There are some of you who think that this is a joke? No, it is not – and you may also enjoy the following variation:

In this version of the story, Shiva was already married to his second wife Parvati. He was nevertheless running around in the forest naked – not out of grief, just because he felt like it – and encountered the rishi’s wives. They could not withstand the power of his attraction and hugged him. Their husbands were not amused and cursed his penis, which promptly fell down, causing chaos and apocalyptic conditions all over the world.

Everyone got together in crisis to find a solution. Who could catch Shiva’s penis and hold on to it? Where should it go once captured? Oh yes, once the saving idea was found, it was very clear: only Parvati would be able to hold Shiva’s penis, in her vagina!

They all prayed to Parvati and that’s how it was done: from that time on, Shiva Lingam was worshipped, erect and fixed in the vagina.

For more stories and my comment on the biggest of hypocrisies of Hinduism, surrounding Shiva’s penis, you can read my next blog entry tomorrow.

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  1. Namskar sir ,I ve a small doubt about bathing in Hindu dharma we do that to clean ourselves to prey and we all a habit not to clean our genital not only bathing also at the time of discharge urine any time so tell that is perfect good or not may it not get the abolish our faith plz clear my doubt what is the truth behind that reason

  2. It is also said that the penis when fell got inserted into aminah’ vagina and since she could’nt resist such solid and divine penis unlike soft short and half of her own husband , she used it to reproduce and thus, Muhammad was born. And even Mary used it and to save herself from shame, made up miracle stories about son Jesus !

  3. the above mentioned story is really shocking,so many people are not aware of this story they think they are worshiping idol, infact they don’t know it is unification of male and female organs,sir can you give me the references in which puranas it is will be helpful to quote genuinely.

  4. Can you give reference to the scriptures which give such stories??
    Also you told stories about penis…but what about Vagina..Yoni.. why was Vagina cursed??

  5. Don’t comment about the lord Jesus, because He is the only holy God of all the world, first know the truth about Jesus first, there is no connection to Jesus with any of these human created gods…

  6. मेरी शिवलिंग पूजन की कथा के विषय में डाली गई पोस्ट के विषय में बहुत से लोग ग्रंथों के प्रमाण मांग रहे हैं उनके लिए यहाँ प्रमाण उपलब्ध हैं और यदि ग्रंथों में पढ़ना चाहें तो यहाँ आयें मैं उन्हें फिजिकल रूप से किताब (शास्त्र) में दिखा दुंगा!1- दारू नाम का एक वन था, वहां के निवासियों की स्त्रियां उस वन में लकड़ी लेने गईं, महादेव शंकर जी नंगे कामियों की भांति वहां उन स्त्रियों के पास पहुंच गये। यह देखकर कुछ स्त्रियां व्याकुल हो अपने-अपने आश्रमों में वापिस लौट आईं, परन्तु कुछ स्त्रियां उन्हें आलिंगन करने लगीं। उसी समय वहां ऋषि लोग आ गये, महादेव जी को नंगी स्थिति में देखकर कहने लगे कि -“हे वेद मार्ग को लुप्त करने वाले तुम इस वेद विरूद्ध काम को क्यों करते हो?” यह सुन शिवजी ने कुछ न कहा, तब ऋषियों ने उन्हें श्राप दे दिया कि – “तुम्हारा यह लिंग कटकर पृथ्वी पर गिर पड़े” उनके ऐसा कहते ही शिवजी का लिंग कट कर भूमि पर गिर पड़ा और आगे खड़ा हो अग्नि के समान जलने लगा, वह पृथ्वी पर जहां कहीं भी जाता जलता ही जाता था जिसके कारण सम्पूर्ण आकाश, पाताल और स्वर्गलोक में त्राहिमाम् मच गया, यह देख ऋषियों को बहुत दुख हुआ। इस स्थिति से निपटने के लिए ऋषि लोग ब्रह्मा जी के पास गये, उन्हें नमस्ते कर सब वृतान्त कहा , तब – ब्रह्मा जी ने कहा – आप लोग शिव के पास जाइये , शिवजी ने इन ऋषियों को अपनी शरण में आता हुआ देखकर बोले – हे ऋषि लोगों ! आप लोग पार्वती जी की शरण में जाइये । इस ज्योतिर्लिंग को पार्वती के सिवाय अन्य कोई धारण नहीं कर सकता । यह सुनकर ऋषियों ने पार्वती की आराधना कर उन्हें प्रसन्न किया, तब पार्वती ने उन ऋषियों की आराधना से प्रसन्न होकर उस ज्योतिर्लिंग को अपनी योनि में धारण किया। तभी से ज्योतिर्लिंग पूजा तीनों लोकों में प्रसिद्ध हुई तथा उसी समय से शिवलिंग व पार्वतीभग की प्रतिमा या मूर्ति का प्रचलन इस संसार में पूजा के रूप में प्रचलित हुआ।
    ठाकुर प्रेस, शिव पुराण चतुर्थ कोटि रूद्र संहिता अध्याय 12 पृष्ठ 511 से 513
    2- शिवजी दारू वन में नग्न ही घूम रहे थे, वहां के ऋषियों ने अपनी-अपनी कुटियाओं को पत्नी विहीन देखकर शिवजी से कहा – आपने इन हमारी पत्नियों का अपहरण क्यों किया? इस पर शिवजी मौन धारण किये रहे, तब ऋषियों ने उनके लिंग को खण्डित होने का श्राप दे डाला, जिससे उनका लिंग कटकर भूमि पर आ पड़ा और अत्यन्त तेजी से सातों पाताल और अंतरिक्ष की ओर बढ़ने लगा, क्षण भर में देखते ही देखते सारा आकाश और पाताल लिंगमय हो गया ।
    साधना प्रेस, स्कन्द पुराण पृष्ठ 15
    3- शिवजी एकदम नंग धड़ंग रूप में ही भिक्षा मांगने के लिए ऋषियों के आश्रम में चले गये, वहां उनके इस देवेश्वर रूप को देखकर ऋषि पत्नियां उन पर मोहित हो गईं और उनकी जंघाओं से लिपट गईं। यह दृश्य देख ऋषियों ने शिवजी के लिंग पर काष्ठ और पत्थरों से प्रहार किया, लिंग के पतित हो जाने पर शिवजी कैलाश पर्वत पर चले गये ।
    वामनपुराण खण्ड 1 श्लोक 58, 68, 70, 72,पृष्ठ 412 से 413 तक
    4- सूत जी ने बताया कि दारू नाम के वन में मुनि लोग तपस्या कर रहे थे, शिवजी नग्न हो वहां पहुंच गये और कामदेव को पैदा करने वाले मुस्कान-गान कर नारियों में कामवासना वृद्धि कर दी। यहां तक कि वृद्ध महिलाएं भी भूविलास करने लगीं, अपनी पत्नियों को ऐसा करते देख मुनियों ने शिव को कठोर वचन कहे।
    डायमंड प्रेस, लिंग पुराण पृष्ठ 43

  7. Hinduism is a very sexy drama.Parvati has real Vagina and Shiva hot erect Penis .Sita was fucked by Ravana endless for few years.Krishna fucked 1000 virgins endless everyday.Brahma has Urvasi and Ramba dancing naked in his lap.Draupadi gets fucked by 5 men everyday. And what not !!

  8. About every god and religion Christhan Hindu Buddhist or Muslim …lot of people write or describe story according to their selfish or evil intention …you can find lot of bad story about Jesus ,Mohamed or about naked Buddhist temple easily on Internet …

  9. Quite rational approach based on facts as to linga worship of Shiva. It requires further information on this topic that explains the history and development of physical form of Shiva and anecdotes relating that.

  10. Rig Veda in the Context of Worship of LINGA
    The esoteric text of Rig Veda has been considered as the most ancient literature of the Vedic Age; in the very text various methods of worship of different deities have been elaborately dealt with behind the symbolic term “LINGA” or ‘PRATIKA’. It is doubtless to say that the system of worship of “linga” or “lingopasana” occupied an important place in the context of Rig Veda. The particular Sanskrit term “SHISNADEVA” has been used in two verses of it, the corresponding explanation by foreign scholars have misinterpreted the meaning of the term in a derogatory manner the impact of which has cast inimical influence upon the cultural scenario of Indian society. It is deplorable to say that our Indian counterparts never raised any objection to these erroneous statements at the right time. Of course, the Western scholars are always engaged to defame our ancient heritage and culture in the best possible way of their connivance.

    As per the rules of Vedic Grammar the meaning of ‘linga’ signifies the gender of a person or object as male, female or neuter.

    The Vedic text never assigns any gender to the various deities worshipped during the period of the Vedic Age. The term “linga” never signifies the genital of any particular god or goddess. The term “LINGA PUJA” of the ancient Indian society stands for the rituals usually performed for the worship of “Shiva and Shakti”, i.e. the universal principle of Purusha and Prakriti which is not easy to comprehend on the part of normal man bound to mundane life and its activities. In fact, the term ‘linga puja’ bears a very great significance of larger dimension. The ancient Vedic method of symbolic worship or “Prateek Upasana” has diverse aspects; it needs rational comprehension. These aspects were studied and investigated by the evil-oriented inept Western scholars like Stevenson and Larsan etc in a very crude and gross manner. Their preaching regarding the worship stated that “worship of Shivalinga” was not at all permitted in Veda, it was defamatory and it did not belong to the lineage of the civilized i.e. Arsha Parampara. Shiva was given the place of the Lord or Deity of the uncivilized i.e. Anarya Devata. The Aryas were not worshipping Shiva. But the fact was that both Aryas and Anaryas used to worship the Deity Shiva during the period under discussion. The above two Western scholars tried their best to defame the Vedic language as a result of which the two ‘slokas’ or ‘mantras’ of Rig Veda landed in controversy. Further they have highlighted the term “shishnadevah” and gave it the completely derogatory meaning as ‘the worshippers of genital organ’. They too further added that people worshiping the genital organ as god or goddess are named as “Shisnadeva”. Their explanation runs thus:
    “shishno devo jesham te shisnadevah” In the later years this type of defamatory preaching became more widespread, new hands joined to the former two. They were :Ayaling, Moore, Bebar, Hopkins, Kim etc. None of the true Indian Vedic scholars of the Age came forward and opposed the wrong doings of the Western scholars as a result of which the complete erroneous statements regarding the ancient scripture have come to be regarded as true in the modern age.

    Now when we come to the original text of Rig Veda we find that nowhere the particular term “shishnadevah” has been used nor there was the slightest reference to the worshipping of ‘genital’ or the reproductive organ of any living being. The great Acharya Baudhayana too never gave such disrespectful explanation of the Vedic terms. The meaning of the term ‘shisnadeva’ is entirely different. The syllable- to- syllable meaning of the words does not apply in case of Vedic terms. The meaning is symbolic; it is essential to deeply study and analyse the particular situation and context. Otherwise there is every chance of committing blunder of the above type. First of all it is most essential to take help of “Aagama Sampradaya” i.e. Guru-Shisya Parampara in order to reach inference of a particular research of the Vedic terms. If we follow the rules of Aagma, it is found that as per Nirukta (4/19) of Yashka the meaning of Shisnadeva is “abrahmacharya” i.e. non-celebate. The persons not observing the principles of celibacy and falling victims to satisfaction of senses in extremes are termed as “shishnadeva’; they are to be exterminated from society. The ancient interpreter or Bhasyakara Skandaswamy also renders the same explanation to the particular term and agrees with Yashkacharya. Therefore the explanations as per Vedic Grammatical rules of Nirukta and as that of Bhasyakar Skandaswamy must be accepted as true and authentic. There should be no doubt about it.

    Hence one of the two hymns of the Rig Veda under consideration is given.



    Oh Mighty Indra ! Kindly render your protection against the evil deeds of demons by your invincible divine power. Let them not inflict harm upon our people or subjects whom we rule in our kingdom. Kill the demons who are “linga guhya parayana” in Vedic terms. They pose insurmountable impediments while performing the sacred Yajnas. We earnestly pray Thee to remove them completely from the path of truth and righteousness which we follow in life.

    The second Mantra of Rig Veda misrepresented by the Western scholars is cited below.



    Oh Indra ! You are always Donor or Data. You are ever ready to give everything. Come to the battlefield of Deva-Asura Sangrama. Please collect the divine wealth and destroy the demons readily who are mad in excess sense-enjoyments and commit all sorts of mistakes.

    It is noteworthy to say that the two ‘hymns’ of Rig Veda speak of the annihilation of the evil power in demons, who being guided by unrestrained sense-desires bring havoc and disaster to society governed by pious rulers in the form of gods.

    Today’s need of the hour coincides with that of the Vedic Age and the cry for justice and truth becomes predominant in society. The annihilation of evil-doers falling prey to impulses and animal instincts and causing irreparable loss to human life, environment at large needs immediate attention. Hence the intervention of the Divine is the only resort left for helpless innocent people of the world. The world is in great peril and its existence needs to be saved from the demons of the society. The war must be raised against all misconduct,insanity, inhumanity, injustice and demoniac behavior of the people. This destructive attitude of man has been rightly analysed in the two hymns of Rig Veda under the cryptic symbolic term “shishnadeva”. There was not at all any slightest reference to the worship of ‘linga’’. Nor there was any hint to the worshippers of “symbols”. The invocation of Indra to slay the Devil has been emphasized in the text. No other Samhitas, Brahmana, Aaranyaka. Shrauta, Guhyasutra too ever say any words in favour of worship of genitals as has been propounded by Mlechha Scholars in the context of misinterpretation of the Rig Veda Hymns. It was their fancy and connivance of fancy and whims which gave rise to huge plantations of Vedic defamation. Hence it is a challenge to the modern scholars of Research in the field of Veda to investigate the fact and throw ample light upon their validity and save the exemplary Indian culture from further decadence. The only exception is the Western Scholar Prof. Macdonel, who in his book of Vedic Methodology has given full support to the theory of Yaskacharya, the Indian exponent of Vedic grammar. We offer our sincere gratitude to him for his positive contribution in the field of Vedic Study.

    (Source : Tapobhumi Narmada)

  11. I can’t imagine how could god be so unholy. Unholy gives birth unholy. Jesus Christ is the only God who I spoke considered Holy. He is the High Priest in Vedas and Sacrificial Lamb for your sins. Not a god that would ask to worship a private part. He is the symbol of love. Confess your mistakes and ask forgiveness.

  12. Shiva has a divine body, and so His penis. So, while reading such stories, one should not consider it ordinary penis made of flesh and blood of mortal human beings. It proved because when shiva’s penis fell on ground, wild fire came and created all havoc or it grew into very large size, which is not possible with penis of humans. This proves that shiva’s penis is very divine and worshippable as its part of his divine powerful body

  13. So what actually saying Mr Anonymous that both Jesus an Mohammad are sons of GOD Shiva. So why you swearing at Hzrt Mary pbuh and her son Prpht Isa pbuh. Is it because that’s what custom teaches. I thought Hindus are people with morals.

  14. Hinduism is the ancient religion on Earth. It could not spread in the world As Buddhism also born in India but it has a widespread throughout Asia. What is reason ?? Christianity, Islam and Buddhism has occupied in the World.

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