15 Questions for religious and spiritual People – 1 Oct 12


Does spirituality need a teacher?

Does everybody need a spiritual teacher, a guru or, in other words, a life coach?

If your answer is “yes”, don’t you agree on giving up your self-confidence and pride and accept becoming someone’s slave?

Do you mean to say that those who don’t accept religion, a guru or the doctrine of a sect waste their lives?

Don’t you think that the basic reason for you to believe in religion, to follow a guru or to be a member of a sect is actually fear and even greed?

Don’t people embrace religion simply as a good way of doing wrong without a bad conscience?

Do you really believe you can buy blessings by giving donations to temples, churches or gurus, just like you buy rice on the market?

Don’t you think you play a role in creating a good future for yourself?

Is spirituality something that you can learn, like mathematics or commerce?

Don’t you think that being in Love and living with honesty is true spirituality?

Does a mother need a rosary to remember her child?

Does a wife need to sit in a certain pose to think of her husband?

Don’t you agree, if love is there, you don’t need to do any effort for meditation, it takes place itself?

Do we need to learn how to love?

Do we need to learn honesty?

If the answer is no, nobody needs to learn spirituality.

And we don’t need gurus, religions and sects to sell us spirituality!

I have said this many times before, too.

Spirituality is very individual, not institutional. Even if you don’t go into a temple or church, even if you don't do any rituals, you are spiritual, if you believe in love and honesty.

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