Not a Reformer, not a Guru, not a spiritual Leader, just a simple Man – 1 Apr 13


If you have been reading my blog, you know that I often criticize religion. It is one of the most frequent topics of my blog. The reason is of course that I have spent 30 years of my life deeply in religion, studying scriptures, preaching, explaining it to others and then, in the course of several years, made a complete U-turn, not believing in religion anymore and actually thinking it is manipulative nonsense created to control people. Sometimes it seems however that people misunderstand my intentions of writing.

Several comments that I received showed me that some people believe I want to change religion, mostly Hinduism, and make people go back to a more original religion, to a state of higher purity, the ‘real religion’. These people obviously think of me as a reformer who is not happy with the state of religion as it is now and wants to search for a way to adapt it or change it so that it fits my ideas in a better way. Others see me as a ‘spiritual leader’, a kind of modern guru who doesn’t want to call himself religious but uses the word ‘spirituality’ instead.

I am nothing of this. I am not a reformer and I have no plan to change religion. I don’t want to search for a new one and I don’t want to discuss with believers about what is real and original religion – and thus good in their eyes – and what has been added later and, as they say, corrupted and spoilt religion. That is in my eyes only an excuse of believers. They see themselves that religion is wrong and that many bad things come out of it but instead of accepting this and leaving religion, they argue that all the bad has been added later and that we just have to find back to the previous purity of religion.

No, that is not what I have in mind when I criticize religion. I don’t believe religion was previously good and pure. On the contrary, I believe it was made with the purpose to manipulate and control people and why would you call that good? In the time when religion was created, people were afraid of things they could not understand. Religious people gave explanations and could thus control them, taking their fear like a leash. That is not pure, that is not good!

Religion is outdated from today’s point of view because we have found the answers to the questions due to which religion was created in the first place! Why do you have to cling to the mere belief when it doesn’t give you anything anymore? Only manipulation and fear is left together with ancient, bloody scriptures – so you should leave religion and it should be buried as a relic of the past, no matter which religion it is. In the history of mankind, many religions have died and with time, the present religions will become a part of history as well.

So I have no interest in creating a change in religion. I also don’t say that I want to finish religion – that would be more than arrogant! I don’t want to get you to do anything except for maybe think and feel a bit more what is right for yourself. I am not a reformer and not a guru, nor am I a spiritual leader. I am just a simple man with an opinion voiced in my blog.

If you want to live in honest and love, you don’t need a religion. You don’t need to call it spirituality either, a word that has been used in too many confusing ways, too. Just be in love and live in full honesty – nothing else is required.

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