A typical religious Mentality: I do it right, you do it wrong – 9 Feb 15


I told you yesterday about a former friend of mine and how he had the thought that I had always been an atheist and just played the drama of a religious person. I found it quite interesting that his thoughts went this way – and that’s how I want to write you today about the religious egoism that many people have and often express as well.

I already mentioned that this former friend is religious himself. In spite of his obvious religiosity however, he suspects other people who do the same of only doing drama. He is not the only one who thinks in this way!

It is a quite common opinion among many people: ‘What I am doing is right’ but when others do the same, they are doing it wrong, out of wrong intentions, not with enough heart and so on. To the outside, they present themselves as very humble but once you get behind that façade, you see that they are extremely arrogant, thinking they are the best. There are many blind followers who get confirmation of this belief from their gurus, spiritual leaders and similar ideals in their life. They get to hear that they are the best, they are the most pious and outstanding devotees.

What they don’t realize is that their religious leaders in this way pull the money straight out of their pockets.

Ironically, they also complain that others follow religion only for money. They don’t see that this money game is what they themselves need and want. They need the priest, they need the people who build the huge temples and places of worship for them. Without money it cannot work!

It is a very limited way of seeing things: I am doing it alright and the people who I worship are fine, too – everyone else is just fake and wrong. Within your religion or also in other religions! You love your god and in the same way, another religion’s believer loves his god but you call him wrong. You even declare war on him. All he did was the same thing that you did, just in another way.

Seeing the whole picture, they are just in the same illusion but not able or not willing to see it.

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