Your Life, your Decisions – don’t let Religion tell you what to do! – 17 Sep 15


I yesterday told you religions that limit people’s freedom of opinion. Religion actually wants to tell people what to do and claims that it has a right to do so. All religions claim that they know how humans should behave. They even tell them to kill. And that is a problem!

When I was a guru, people actually expected me to tell them what to do. It was a part of my role as a religious preacher, someone whom people follow. People came to me with questions and I believed it was the right thing to tell them exactly what to do. I gave them my opinion and I knew at the same time that they would follow it. They gave me the complete responsibility of their decisions. A few of these were really big life decisions as well.

Then I changed. After my time in the cave I didn’t want exactly this anymore. I didn’t want to be higher but equal. This also meant that I didn’t want to take anybody else’s life decisions anymore! I just wanted to live my own life. If I could help someone with my experience and my opinion, I would be happy but I wanted them to take the decision themselves, to trust their feelings and learn how to follow them as well!

That’s how I have ended up as an atheist and am sitting here today, just writing down whatever I am thinking. Any reader is free to think about it and decide for themselves. In my counselling sessions it is always very clear: I can only offer you my viewpoint, you have to take the decision yourself!

Religion however exists in order to tell people what to think and what to do. Religion doesn’t believe in listening to different viewpoints. Religion doesn’t give you the freedom to choose for yourself. Religion tells you what to do.

Religious priests believe they have this right and in the case of Islamic fundamentalists, they teach people that it is right to kill those who don’t follow what they say! Religious leaders of Islam tell their followers that they should put a bomb around their waist and kill themselves along with hundreds of others.

Some people want to be told what to do. They don’t want to take responsibility and put it on religion, a priest, a guru, anybody who takes it and tells them what to do.

No sane person would decide to become a terrorist, a suicide bomber, a killer for religion. It is the manipulation of religion that brings them to this point. They start off as those who don’t want to decide themselves and end up doing what they would never have done on their own. Harming others, killing others, bringing grief and sorrow to the world.

I suggest you to think for yourself. Take responsibility for your life and don’t let religion manipulate you, making you do what you would never do if you decided for yourself.

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