Conference of Jesus, Krishna and Mohammed – Decision: Religion to be finished – 15 Nov 11


Krishna, Mohammed and Jesus are sitting around a round table. It is one of those new computer tables where the whole table top is a big touchscreen. It shows the world. The three of them look at it and in their faces you can see concern and resignation.

Mohammed looks around in the faces of the other two and asks them in a low voice ‘So?’

Krishna looks up and answers ‘It did not really work out the way I wanted it to work out!’ He taps on the globe displayed in front of him and turns it until the Indian subcontinent comes into view. With a longer tap of his finger, the screen starts showing different, colourful scenes. There are women and men at a river, putting their hands in and pouring water over their heads, obviously in bliss and happiness.

‘That doesn’t look too bad to me!’ Jesus comments, casting a questioning glance at Krishna, who is obviously not at all happy about what he sees. Instead of answering, he taps on a timeline displayed below the scene. He shifts the arrow forward until it comes to a stop in the year 2011. What you see now looks nearly the same but you can see that the water is darker and it seems that there are many more people around. ‘I started the rituals to worship the nature so that they would keep the rivers and forests clean and treat the world with respect. But what did they do? They just kept the rituals like an empty shell without understanding what I wanted them to do! Now they pour milk into the rivers while polluting them at the same time! They throw garbage into them but then go to take their holy baths at their banks, too. At the same time there are children dying of hunger just next to them! And all those Gurus don’t tell others about love and peace anymore but cheat them to get richer and richer. They have big amounts of gold and they sit on thrones while their followers lie in front of them and have hardly enough to feed themselves. I don’t know how the followers of Hinduism misunderstood my message!’ With a sigh he taps on the screen again, where you now see men with yellow-painted faces pour big pots of milk into a dark river that hardly flows and in the background a thin child in a desert-like area. The scene ends and they look again onto the planet earth.

Jesus clears his throat and tells ‘Well, if it makes you feel any better, Christianity didn’t develop in a very great way, either…’ He puts his fingers on the screen and turns the globe a bit so that Europe is in the center. With a tap on the shoe-formed country of Italy, another scene opens and the three bend a bit closer over the table. They see a man in white and red clothes lifting his hand in front of a big crowd of people. ‘They call him the Pope or Holy Father.’ Corners of the Mouths around the table twitch and quick glances are exchanged. ‘After I left they could not just go on following the love that I had taught them but they needed someone to follow. Now you have this man and millions believe whatever he says is right!’ Looking at Krishna he adds ‘Not very different from your Gurus…’ and with a few quick taps on the screen he changes the scene.

Two scenes follow upon each other: people going one by one into small cabinets where a grill separates them from a man clothed in simple clothes, talking, crying and leaving again. Then a man with the top of his head shaved in front of a young boy. He closes the door of the room. They are alone. ‘They all started believing so much in the institution that is called church and its priests that they believe to be sinners and that they need to confess. They even send their children to the priests to learn a good life. Unfortunately some priests misuse this trust and abuse little boys and girls!’ He sadly shakes his head, looking at the table. With a slow motion and a look at Mohammed he turns the timeline back for more than 500 years. ‘And of course I cannot forget the holy wars or crusades! What a catastrophe!’ Pictures of massacres and armies waving flags with crosses show upon the screen.

Mohammed looks at him in concern. ‘That is an old matter. Don’t believe I am happy with what is happening with Islam today!’ It is his turn now to tap on the screen and you see two planes flying directly into two tall skyscrapers, one after the other. A change of scene and there is a man with a big, bulky jacket in a busy subway. He pulls a small rope and it looks like the whole room explodes. Mohammed exclaims ‘They are doing this all in my name! Thousands of people are dying! But not only that, see what they do with their wives!’ He turns the globe, taps on Iran and shakes his head in sadness and disbelief while the three of them watch how a woman is buried until the head in sand, men surrounding her, stones in their hands.

At this point Krishna reaches out, closes the screen and stares down on the screen. Both, Jesus and Mohammad also put their hands onto the table. Suddenly the screen under their fingers starts flickering and at each point where their fingers touch the screen pictures and scenes appear. The three of them watch in amazement how people are laughing, some playing with animals on meadows, others feeding children in a village place, some people running along a beach, a few others planting trees in a forest.

With a smile on his face Mohammed says ‘Well, I guess there is another side to it, too. These people understand the importance of nature, of plants and animals.’ Jesus adds ‘Yes, they love each other and try to finish conflicts in a peaceful way.’ With a little concern Krishna says ‘Some of these people are older but many more young and they don’t believe in any religion anymore. The importance of religion seems to be getting less and less.’ They all watch in silence for a while thinking about the question what that means for them. Will we get unimportant now?

Finally Krishna concludes his contemplations: ‘It is fine without any religion, too. Hinduism, Christianity and Islam anyway started after we had gone there. We don’t need religions.’ Mohammed agrees ‘Yes, if all those wars and other bad things stop because religions come to their end, it is good. We don’t need to be worshipped.’ Krishna nods ‘We will always be there, in each of them, in every plant they water and in every animal they feed.’ And Jesus adds ‘If they live in love and peace, happy and free, we will be happy and present in each laugh, each hug and each loving gesture.’


  1. Corinna

    …and they all get out their iPhones to cancel their appointments :)Nice story, I really enjoyed it and I agree that religion has done a lot of harm to the world. Abuse through priests was a very big topic in the last years and still not every victim has dared to tell about the things done to him. I hope that the future will improve the situation! We can all live as one, there is no difference among us!

  2. Mike Kihntopf

    Regrettably a truth of modern times…but if something causes pain is it not in the best intrest to remove it? Or is that the easy way? Is life best lived in peace or conflict? Or is the action of religion balance of the two. The pendulum swinging to an fro becoming heavier in one direction at one time but going to the other side at times as well? I am a bit “tounge tied” trying to explain what I mean and mean no disrespect. I fully understand your post and find it valuable.

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