Dharma – more than Religion – 16 Feb 08


As I said yesterday we went to Cologne to the Yoga teacher training. Ramona was driving and it was a smooth journey. The navigation started working just in the right moment when she did not know anymore where to go.

I had a lecture for the yoga students today and I talked to them about Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras. The word Dharma also came up as a subject and I explained the meaning of it. Many people translate it with religion. But what is Dharma really? In a way it is religion. It is what you accept in your life as a principle. I am not talking about being Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew or Buddhist. It is only about what is right for you. Like this I also see religion. Nobody can tell you what you have to believe. Find out yourself what is good and right for you. Trust in your own feelings and listen to your inner voice.

After the lecture we went to Essen for a Chakra Dance Party. This spiritual disco is enjoyed very much because this music is different than in a normal disco. It is nice to balance the chakras while dancing in an Atmosphere without smoke cigarettes and shoes. It is dance in meditative way and meditation in dancing way. We had a lot of fun in Noemi's Center. Noemi is also a good friend of mine since a long time. Sonja and Carolin came from Erkelenz to take part, too. We danced a lot. Dance is the expression of happiness. Be happy, dance, enjoy how your body moves to the wonderful rhythm of music.

5 Replies to “Dharma – more than Religion – 16 Feb 08”

  1. it is funny. While I do believe there are sects of Christianity that are more open and loving, the sect I grew up in would have been very suspicious of the truths that you share, especially when you say things like the most important thing is to love, and definitely when you say you should do what it right for yourself.They would say, and I would have said, “but the body does not know what is right for itself and only seeks corruption.” What a terrible way to view your body. as if from the moment it is born it is evil and you spend the rest of your life begging forgiveness for being born evil.
    Imagine what freedom could be had if they believed that the body and soul are beautiful and made for love. People are suspicious of things that aren’t complicated. it amazes me.

  2. It saddens me to hear of the negative experiences you’ve had.I hope that one day hearing truths won’t remind you of falsehoods that you used to believe and that truth will simply remind you of love.