Relationships Need Physical Closeness – 16 Jan 10


Many times I see that relationships fail because there is no physical closeness. In my opinion a relationship doesn’t work over phone or over internet. A lot of people try but our human nature is that you need someone close to you for a real connection.

Of course advanced modern technologies help to make you feel close over phone or internet with video conferencing for example. We like to keep in touch with friends or with the Ashram in this way, too, and enjoy it very much that it is possible.

However then after some time we meet those friends again or we come home to the Ashram and we need this feeling of physically being with these friends or at the Ashram. Even after hearing and seeing the other one, we need someone to be present and that even more in a relationship. You physically need someone whose hand you can hold, on whose shoulder you can lay your head.

But only this is also not the key, you cannot guarantee success just because of physical closeness, there are other factors, too. And in this way I have also seen some very loving relationships in which two people do not see each other very often. A partner can be living somewhere else for working in another city and sometimes they see each other only once a month or even less if there is no other possibility. Of course they will do their best to travel together or stay together but sometimes it is very difficult. In older times there was even no phone, no emails, no skype and letters took one week to reach the other one but still people were leading successful relationships with much love. So there is a way, too, and I believe it is much love and devotion which makes this work.

One Reply to “Relationships Need Physical Closeness – 16 Jan 10”

  1. again this is an issue of balance. You must be close but not suffocating, you must have more to the relationship than touching (an intellectual side) but all intellect will not work either.