Key for Successful Relationships: Physical Closeness and Devotion – 14 Jan 10


The other day I was writing about arranged marriages. Many times it is like a business: the girl’s father spends so much money to ‘buy’ a good boy for his daughter and they fix the marriage without really knowing each other. It is no wonder that in these marriages there are often many arguments and a lot of disagreement, if they don't end in divorce, which is rather unusual.

On the other hand you can ask yourself if the concept how people in the west want to get to know each other, have regular dates and meet many times really is successful. So what is really the key?

You see here in the East that arranged marriages don’t really work, wife and husband cannot stand each other or she has a problem with his parents with whom they are living. In the west you see how people try to experiment, get hurt often and many times it doesn’t succeed despite all efforts.

In my point of view the main factors are that you are physically close and devotion without any ego. If this devotion is not there, they will be far from each other even if they are physically close, sleeping and living in the same room. Then they cannot understand each other and in these cases relationships sometimes break even after a very long time like 30 or 40 years. No, devotion to each other is very important.

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  1. Again this is an issue of balance, as are so many things- especially love and relationships. Sticking two strangers together is no good but there is a higher element of committment and an expectation that thing might be a little hard. Testing and trying on lovers to see how they fit is a good way to find a match but with no idea of how to hold a commitment even good matches can get tossed aside the moment things get hard.