Open, Short-term, Long-term Relations and One-Night-Stands – 8 Nov 08


Sometimes I hear a funny type of terms about relationships such as ‘short-term relationship’, ‘long-term relationship’ or ‘open relationship’. I don’t understand how a relationship could be successful with this kind of conditions. And it doesn’t matter if it is short-term or long-term. What does it really mean and what is the definition of long-term?

Bonding a relation in terms like this shows your insecurity and your doubts about your relationship. It gives the impression of a contract. This maybe suits business relations but it doesn’t fit if you want to establish a relation on the physical, emotional and soul level.

‘Open relation’ also seems like you are looking for a good opportunity for business in the name of freedom. It can be fine in a business relation to go and buy there wherever you get the best deal but this concept cannot be really successful when you are thinking of love. When you have a physical relation with someone, it brings an emotional connection and an emotional relation requires physical closeness. Both of it leads you towards making a stronger connection on the soul level. But surely, it doesn’t work in this way if you give it the condition and limit of one night beforehand. This, called a ‘one-night stand’, is also popular these days in our society. I do not see a one-night stand as something bad and I am not against it. Maybe I will talk a bit more about this topic another time.

Tomorrow is a special day for the pilgrims. Thousands of people will do the Parikrama of 9 kilometers around Vrindavan. We will distribute breakfast for them and will show that in a live broadcast over the internet. Tomorrow you can click here to see the pilgrims and us.

4 Replies to “Open, Short-term, Long-term Relations and One-Night-Stands – 8 Nov 08”

  1. Terms like open relationship, in my experience, limit a relationship. And limitless relationships full of boundless love and joy begin and last without a name. Devotion and dedication come naturally (I don’t mean they don’t take effort).