Love the Habits of your Partner – 19 Jan 10


Yesterday I mentioned small habits that people sometimes notice about their partners and which they find annoying. This can be just really tiny things like a noise that the other one makes while sipping from his morning coffee or tea which you think can really be done without making any noise at all. It can be the place that she puts her hairbrush down after brushing her hair which you just believe is not the right place. It can be the way that he dog-ears the pages of the novel that he reads. It can be the way how she leaves the water running while she is brushing her teeth.

There are really many examples of these small habits and I said yesterday already that you need to look at yourself, too, if you think the other one is doing wrong. With some things you can be right, as it is for example wasting water to leave it on too long and of course the book will not really be nice anymore if everybody dog-ears his favourite pages. Other habits however are just a matter of acceptance and tolerance.

Your partner makes this funny noise while laughing, okay, love it! Your partner makes any other small, strange, funny or ridiculous thing of which you think you would never do it, accept it and love it! It is beautiful to see how people who do this sometime even adopt these habits without even realizing. And this is how you tune your relationship to a harmony which can be felt when others meet you as a couple. Such closeness between two hearts, minds and bodies!

2 Replies to “Love the Habits of your Partner – 19 Jan 10”

  1. it is interesting to me that so many of the little quirks people can’t stand about their partners where actually what caused them to fall in love in the first place, often.

  2. Really, couples need to be able to do things separately and then come together and be better at being together I think. there needs to be a freedom. And also an appreciation of the other. There needs to be love! you can love anyone!