Infidelity – You Cheat your Partner and yourself – 28 Apr 10


Yesterday I wrote about infidelity in relationships and as I said, I sometimes am in the situation that people tell me about it in a healing session and then start justifying themselves by saying that they have emotional problems. You are going through emotional problems, but wait a second, are you trying to solve your emotional problems in a physical way?

I have also heard from some people that they say – and even believe it themselves – that their partner is okay with that. They want to justify themselves because they feel themselves that what they do is not right. I always want to understand a little bit better in which way the partner is fine with that. Does your partner know the real truth? Did you tell him? If you told the full truth, that you enjoy having sex with another person, I do not understand how any partner can be okay with that.

So I assume, that you did not tell your partner that you are cheating. But still you are trying to tell yourself that he or she would be fine with that. I believe that anytime you do that, when you cheat your partner, you actually first cheat yourself.

Today we had the last evening in Rhede and as it is not very far from Bocholt, we went to have pizza once more in this wonderful restaurant in Bocholt together with Hans-Christian and Annick and some more friends whom we met in the days here. And afterwards we had an ice-cream and I said that I think of all pizzas and ice-creams that I have eaten in Germany, Bocholt is definitely one of the best, if not the best! We came home in time for the distance healing meditation which, I know, many new friends enjoyed today for the first time. Tomorrow we will leave again and travel to Tornesch.

5 Replies to “Infidelity – You Cheat your Partner and yourself – 28 Apr 10”

  1. I don’t know, I have always thought that maybe if all parties agreed on having an open relationship than it would work out. I don’t have room to talk I guess because I’ve never tried it.

  2. Jerry:My experience has been that these relationships don’t work in the long run. People might agree and say they feel fine with both pursuing others but I’ve always seen one party be really hurt despite what they say about it being alright. If you only care about yourself of course sleep with whoever you want, but if you care about your partner then approach the situation carefully or hopefully don’t do it at all.

  3. What I can’t understand is how people can enjoy cheating. You always have to be careful and hide things from your partner, you live constantly with stress and the fear of being caught in the atc. Is cheating worth that?