Cheating and Breaking Hearts – 27 Apr 10


Of course I meet people in all situations of life, people who just fell in love, people who have lover’s grief, people whose heart was broken and those who feel guilty about breaking a heart, people who lost someone they loved and people who love someone who will never be theirs. They don’t always come because of these situations but of course these situations have a big influence on their emotions, their mind, their thinking and well-being.

And one of the saddest situations that people come with is when the partner, whom they loved very much, cheated on them and they found out surprisingly, not suspecting anything. Then a man or a woman sits in front of me and just asks me with a longing look in the eyes: ‘Why?’

I do not have an answer.

I also meet those who have cheated and there are always many different reasons given, sometimes with much guilt, sometimes lacking any similar feeling. And of course, every case is different. I many times hear a sentence which to me seems like an excuse for what you have done: ‘You need to understand that I am going through a very hard time.’ What hard time? A hard time with your relationship? If so, then this doesn’t give you a reason to go into someone else’s bed. They say they have emotional problems, coping with them is not easy and that is why they had to sleep with someone else than with husband or wife. And if it is not a hard time with your partner but in another part of life, then why don’t you share it with your partner? Then why are you married if not for sharing emotional problems with the other one? Why, if not to be together and go through everything together? Love is when you want to enjoy and laugh together, when you want to smile and celebrate together but also cry together and give each other support in difficult times. Isn’t that your vow of marriage: in good times and in bad?

6 Replies to “Cheating and Breaking Hearts – 27 Apr 10”

  1. I so agree. Many people use the new age philosophy, not steeped in a lineage or tradition to accomodate their cheating. Many who claim to be spiritual are cheating. How can one attain intimacy with another and hide their true self. It is very painful.

  2. I love my husband so much that I do not care what he does. I want him to be free. I want him to be happy and delighted and if he is sad that is okay too and if we are not together that is okay too. I trust that we will never loose our devotion for one another. But much more than trusting this, I trust that he will always be this beautiful light that I know him as. And that is enough for me not to care what he does.

  3. You need to understand I’m going through a hard time???! stop making it more difficult for yourself by hurting you connection with your partner- your support system! You need to understand you can’t quench your cravings, it almost always just makes you want more harmful things.