Physical Closeness is Key for Successful Relationships – 11 May 10


Today we left Copenhagen. We are now sitting in the train, writing the diary. It is a 12 hour journey back to Wiesbaden, so we have a lot of time to think of our short but very nice stay in Copenhagen.

As I have been there many times over the last years, I know many people and have many friends there. And it is a very nice city, very multicultural and very open. We were talking a little bit about the Chakra Dance Party and noticed that people were really quick in opening and expressing. That can be culture, it can be because there were many people, it can be because in Copenhagen they are more used to this kind of alternative party. Well, definitely we had a great time with many open people.

I had a healing session with a couple, with one of them yesterday and with the other one today. They had some confusion and misunderstanding in between each other which came from their modern lifestyles and their jobs which did not give them enough time together. They did not have enough time to create the comfort to open their heart and share. But they both have love for each other. I told both of them how necessary it is to have physical closeness. A relationship doesn’t work over internet or chat or phone. Many people try, that is why some dating sites are among the most popular sites on the internet. Flirting over chat might be fine, you can have some fun also with a webcam or you can fix a time and place for meeting but in the end you need to physically meet, you need to be there in person. And if you want a well-functioning relationship you need to give time and be there. This is why I said to the couple: you need to find time to really be together. I will be very happy if their love can grow and they can find happiness with each other.

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  1. I know what that’s like, I wish that couple all the best. My husband and I went through something similar recently and it was a it painful at first. The less time we spent together the more we fought when we were together.I think what really changed the relationship was when we started becoming intentional about being with and loving each other.
    Instead of being together only when we both had time- we made time. Instead of waiting for the other to approach and show signs of affection, we made the goal to approach the other.
    It has made us very happy, and yes, physical closeness makes a big difference.

  2. To me, the physical aspect of a relationship is extremely important with your spouse. Both the time spent in physical presence and the essence and expression of physical love and sex. It is a beautiful way in which love is shared with someone special, and it is hard to have a close relationship that lacks physical contact and touching (in the case of a spouse or lover). Having a healthy and fulfilling physical relationship with the one you love can augment and heal the emotional and mental hardships. Very important in my opinion.

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