Why Flirting Advice for Singles does not Work – 3 Jan 10

I said already yesterday that there are many people who have advice for those who are looking for a relationship. There is a lot of general advice in books, magazines and of course on the internet. On TV there are shows in which one woman has a selection of men to choose from or shows where psychologists give advice about flirting to singles who then straight away try it.

The main point about this kind of advice is that it is very general. How can you give one advice to millions of people who are all leading different lives, have different characters and behave, feel and think in different ways?

Of course someone who has met many people can already tell something about a person’s character after some talk and a little bit of time with that person. In this way you could give advice: if you meet a shy person, do this. If you meet such a character, better do that. As soon as it goes deeper however, when the first step is done and both sides agree on being with each other, then no general advice like that can help anymore. You are then in this situation and nobody was there before because it is you, one unique character, mind and person, and a second unique character. And when you get closer, you may have a similar situation like one of your friends, who would like to help you with advice, but your friend’s partner is not yours! He or she is a different being.

It is like hand-painted pictures. Every picture is different and it takes time until you have discovered every small detail that the painter has added. God is the painter who created us and now it is up to us to discover each other.

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