You want Change – Change Yourself – 7 Nov 08


In a relationship acceptance is necessary, too. If we cannot accept others how they are, we will not be able to maintain a successful relationship. If we are struggling all the time to change somebody and we expect that he or she changes in a particular way, then we will suffer most of the time in this struggle. Why do we want to change somebody? Why can’t we change ourselves? And if you cannot even change yourself, then how come you expect any change in somebody else? If you really want to have a change, then first look at yourself and see if you are doing yourself what you expect your partner to do. And if not, first change yourself. But most of the times I hear how people want to change others and maybe in this way want to change the society and the system they are living in. They do effort for this but they don’t succeed. They cannot because they themselves don’t follow what they want to teach others. But if everybody tried to change themselves, things could change.

A successful relationship comes from devotion, not from ego and expectations. You need to leave your expectations behind and you have to accept and respect the other one. Again I would like to say that if you want to accept, respect and love in a relationship, you definitely need to accept, respect and love yourself.

In the series of the festivals which are going on here, today was Akshay Nawami. On this day people do pooja and worship the plant of Amala, which is the Indian gooseberry or emblica. It is very much used in many Ayurvedic medicines. It is full of vitamin C, very good for the stomach and keeps you young, it is used for anti-ageing lotions. Ayurveda says that Amla is ‘amrit’, which means nectar. It is good to eat it at anytime and in any form. It will be always good for you. I like this kind of traditions which bring us closer to the nature.

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  1. I find that when I am really bothered by somebody it is because their unconscious behavior is very similar or reminds me of my unconscious behavior. I associate those places with hurt. In other words, I dislike in others what I dislike in myself. When I really love and accept myself I have sympathy for these things I see in myself and others like me.