Do not Become Mother of your Partner – 1 Nov 08


I sometimes compare a relation that we have to someone with a pot. And the love that we feel in this is the nectar that is dripping into it. You can fill this pot with nectar. And you need the pot to hold the nectar. You need a relation to give form to your love. It doesn’t matter what kind of relation it is, if it is a relation between husband and wife, mother and daughter, sister and brother or two friends, you have a certain relation in which the love can grow. You maintain this relation so that the love can grow more and more. This form is necessary to have the base for growing love.

When you are clapping your hands sound is created only if you do it with two hands. You cannot make noise with only one hand. In relations, too, movement from both sides is necessary to create sound and to make nice music. Both sides need to move, make effort to create this harmony. You should also be stable on the level of relation that you have. If there is a relation between father and son then the son should not try to switch the role and to become father. Do not switch to another kind of relation because you could lose the relation that you are having. If you are in a partnership, do not become the mother of your partner.

My friend Dr. Michael Kosak, who is psychotherapist, told me a joke: A man comes to a psychotherapist and tells him: “I met a woman and I want to be with her, I want to marry her. She takes care of me, she cooks for me, just like my mother. She is wonderful.” This man really got married to the woman and after 20 years of marriage he comes to the therapist again and says: “Oh, I want to get divorced! This woman is like my mother!”

Keep the level of your relation and be honest with each other. Especially in relationships it is very important to be honest.

Today in the afternoon the participants of the Ayurvedic Yoga Course distributed the shirts of the second pair of uniforms to the school children. It is nice that they now have a second pair.

Click here to see how the uniforms were distributed

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  1. My parents are a little bit like this, my dad is more like having another child in the house and so most/all of the responsibility for taking care of things and for guidance falls on my mother. She is a strong woman but I do not feel like she is in a good position, not a healthy one at least. And it is frustrating for me to watch. It makes it really hard for me to understand why anyone would want to be in a relationship with someone.