Four Steps to a Successful Relationship – 20 Mar 08


Today we had fun playing with the children from the kindergarten. Everybody got a small water pump in which he or she could fill coloured water from buckets standing on the lawn. So we had coloured water and colour powder which we were throwing on each other. Everybody had lots of fun and from the colour Andrea, Melly, Susi and Ramona are still pink now. It doesn't wash off easily but it is also not worth rubbing too much today because we will throw colours on each other the day after tomorrow, too.

I said already that it is easy to fall in love but more difficult to build up and maintain a relationship. I would like to encourage everybody to fall in love often. And not only with people, no, fall in love with a smell, fall in love with a colour, love the moment. Love the way how a person talks, love how friendly your neighbour is, love it that your body feels healthy. This will help you to live in a positive way.

We always tend to put our focus on the bad things. See the good side and enjoy it. When talking about a person it is important to see both sides. There should be four steps to a relationship: First you get to know someone, after that you trust him, the third step is love and the fourth step is a relationship. You cannot trust someone without knowing him. And trust is the base for love. And a relationship should be built on love!

Very often I see that people try it the other way round: they start a relationship and then wait for the love to come or try to develop love. Actually that is not very different from arranged marriages. There, too, the partners do not know each other and after a while, sometimes years, they start loving each other. Sometimes they don't. The steps are missing. Get to know each other, then the trust can grow. With the trust love can come and then the relationship. In this way your relationship will have the base for lasting a long time.

5 Replies to “Four Steps to a Successful Relationship – 20 Mar 08”

  1. I agree completely. I like to keep myself in a state of constant wonder and love with the flowers I walk by or a scent on the air or the sun on skin. there are so many things that are so simple to love. and the enrich your life.

  2. Haha, only four steps? Sounds too easy right? Very marketable approach. you should make a book called “four” because I have read at least three other posts with 4-types of a particular thing, numbers are very marketable.

  3. I like these steps you have outlined. Getting to know each other has to come first! How else will you know if you are right for each other? Sometimes people jump into relationships just to have one…but they really don’t even know their partner deeply. And trust is SO important– it creates a safe place for pure love. And I like how you say that the relationship is built on love, trust, and closeness. Good steps to follow!