Adventure, Thrill, Excitement and Failure of Relationships with multiple Sex Partners – 1 Dec 15


I yesterday told you how many open relationships break because the involved parties are actually attached to the original partner instead of being open and free. There is a different scenario that often ends these relationships: when one of the two loses interest in the other one. Because being steadily with one just gets too boring!

You see, at the beginning it is all very exciting but there is a certain hesitation as well: such a relationship is a taboo in society. How will others see me if they get to know? Can I really do this and keep respect for myself? Or will I think of myself as a prostitute some day? One partner, the original one with whom the relationship started, is a type of security, a safe anchor both for the people outside as well as the own feelings and thoughts. It is a comfortable framework, something you know how it works and can return to from the adventure of the free sex with others.

After a while however, they get comfortable with the adventure. They get used to the changing partners and maybe gain confidence in this lifestyle after meeting more people who live the same way. You can already imagine what happens: they don't need the anchor anymore!

It becomes boring to be with the same person on a regular basis, to be attached to this one when there are so many more options out there which are exciting, diverse and always new and ready. Why to put up with all the difficulties a relationship brings, even an open one?

What the original partner has to offer is no longer interesting enough to keep them. If both feel the same, these relationships end without bigger trouble and in mutual understanding that they have moved on. If both remain in this lifestyle, they may meet someday for a night’s pleasure but not much more.

If only one of them feels this way, it will inevitably hurt the other one who will soon be cursing the idea to have an open relationship and of course the ego of thinking that the other one won't find anybody more interesting! This person is most likely to return to steady relationships without the concept of being free to sleep with others as well. Once you have experienced this pain, you won't want to repeat the experience!

The base problem with this case is another one however: when people don't connect sex with love. But more about that tomorrow.

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