Frequently changing Partners in Relationships – 29 Jan 08


It was a normal day again. I had healing sessions. A woman was here who has already had many healings with me. She comes every time when I am in Schwabmünchen. She, like many people here, is alone and starts one relationship after the other. Nothing is for longer than a few months. It is so common. I have to wonder very often at the attitude with which relationships are started. You can hear things like "Let's see how long it goes. I hope it will last for a while." Doesn't that already express the decision that it cannot be forever? Another important topic with which you can go very deep. But maybe we leave it for today. We were watching a movie tonight: 'Meet the parents'. I normally never watch movies but Ramona said, I could like this one, too. And it really was funny! In the months of traveling together she got to know what Yashendu and I like.

4 Replies to “Frequently changing Partners in Relationships – 29 Jan 08”

  1. Maybe you’re right.maybe the reason relationships don’t last in the West is because we don’t believe that they can or should. I never thought about it that way before.

  2. I always change partners, i haven’t been with anybody longer than three months my whole life. I just.. don’t like it anymore after a very short time.

  3. Mostly people who frequently change their partners don’t do it because they feel bored, but because they feel coming closer and start to have feelings. When they pass this border they are scared and they break up. And then they are looking for someone new just to start another superficial relationship