Trying an open Relationship is not wrong – I just think it won’t work! – 3 Dec 15


After having explained about open relationships in the past three days and telling of reasons why they often do not work out, I would like to make one more thing very clear here: while I believe it cannot be successful, I don't see anything wrong if people want to try!

I have a very open mind and attitude in general and also when it comes to the subject of sex. I believe it is fully your choice with whom you would like to have sex. If you feel like having sex with several different people throughout the week, please do. If you don't feel like committing to one person, don't. If you feel like having one steady partner and agree on freedom of having more sexual partners at everyone’s wish, it is fully fine as well.

Sex has become a taboo, although it is the most pleasurable thing in the world to do, to experiment with and to try out. Maybe due to exactly this pleasure, it was suppressed again and again in an attempt to control people.

Instead, you can use sex to empower yourself. When I say this, however, I don't mean that you get any more powerful if you sleep with as many people as possible just because society tells you not to. No, I mean that you should listen to your heart and follow the needs of your body as well as your feelings. That you do not let traditions and social rules keep you from going the way your heart leads you.

On the long run however, I believe most people's heart will tell them: oh, this is the one, a person whom I don't want to share with others and for whom I want to be the only one.

Anything else is, in my eyes, just not successful.

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