Ayurvedic Broccoli Recipe – Balanced Healthy Indian Dish – 12 Feb 11


I think I have mentioned before that Yashendu is just in the middle of teaching the Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat for four weeks. This is how we get another delicious Ayurvedic dish every day. When he started this cooking retreat we decided that we will share these dishes with you. So every Saturday from now on you will be able to read an Ayurvedic recipe in my diary.

These days we had especially wonderful broccoli dishes with fresh broccoli from our garden. Ammaji is very happy that she can feed everyone with the broccoli that she planted herself. This gave me the idea to start our weekly help in Indian cooking with an Ayurvedic recipe for broccoli.

Ayurvedic Broccoli

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable itself and in this way, with Indian spices, Ayurvedically balanced, it is even better!



14 Replies to “Ayurvedic Broccoli Recipe – Balanced Healthy Indian Dish – 12 Feb 11”

  1. Yes dear Ursula, I think so, too, it’s a great idea to share a healthy Ayurvedic recipe each Saturday. Many many people can enjoy delicious food on their weekend. Love

  2. Oh I love Indian Cooking! I was even thinking already about taking part in the Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat that you do, too, but I still need to get some money together to be able to make it to India. Thank you for sharing these great Indian recipes with us!

  3. That sounds like such an easy Ayurvedic recipe that I think even I will be able make. I will try soon and already looking forward to next week’s recipe!

  4. I just eat it in my burito…Great. Soham also had some he said ok! Uptill now we were adding besan and not able to test Brocoli and Garam masala…but now I had Brocoli with flair of spices…Vow!