Ayurvedic Vegetable Biryani Recipe – Pulao – Rice and Vegetable – 12 Mar 11


Today we will cook one of the very basics of Indian kitchen: plain white Basmati rice. After that we will add some vegetables and make a delicious Vegetable Biryani, also called Pulao or Pulav, out of it. It is a healthy Indian dish with rice, nuts and vegetables and can be a whole meal by itself, too.

Cooking Rice and Biryani / Pulao – an easy Ayurvedic Recipe

Ayurvedic recipe for cooking Indian rice with vegetables called Biryani or Pulao



  1. Michaela

    Hahaha, Swami Ji, it sounds as if you wrote this especially for me! While writing did you think of that Cooking Workshop in Cologne? I was just about to put the spoon in the pot to churn and suddenly I hear Yashendu ‘My dear, my dear, my dear! Never, ever you churn the rice!’ :)I learned that lesson for sure!

  2. Paul Cairnes

    Mmmmh, I can already smell the rice and taste the Pulao in my mouth! By the way, it also tastes great with saffron in there and I think saffron is also good ‘ayurvedically’!

  3. Marc

    I remember eating this dish when I was in India, in many different ways, in different styles and always, when it was in someone’s home, there was more vegetable in the rice whereas hotels seemed to save money by giving rice with only a tiny bit of carrots and peas in there. Anyhow, nice to know an Ayurvedic recipe for the whole dish, we’ll definitely try it here!

  4. Armin

    A greate receipe, thank you very much! Again! Sounds very similar to one of my favorite dishes! 🙂



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