Mushroom Matar Paneer – Mushroom, Peas and Indian Cheese – 13 Nov 10


Mushroom – Matar – Paneer

Mushrooms with peas and Indian cheese



  1. Regina

    Oh, we like your food and it is again a very nice recipe. We get hungry when we saw the film. Celina always likes food with paneer. By the way your Ashram is the best restaurant in the world.Love Regina, Jens and Celina

  2. Lise-Lotte Bonne

    UHHHHHMMMM I don´t know if it´s a mantra? : ) …. But I like the picture of the food .. I love your diary every day . give me so much meaning with life …. Thank you and LOVE TO ALL OF YOU !!!!!

  3. Mareike

    Thank you so much for posting the recipe!It’s one of my favorite meals I had here in your ashram.
    And I totally agree, your Ashram is the best restaurant in the world 🙂

  4. Caroline

    That sounds delicious! I’m going to invite some friends for dinner and try your recipe, I’m sure they’ll love it. Thank you for posting.
    I really appreciate your blog and read every day.

  5. Annika, Berlin

    It sounds wonderful, I think about joining one of your ayurvedic cooking classes.Do you have some information on your homepage??

  6. Jesse Proctor

    I am so glad that you all posted this recipe. I can’t wait to try making it!

  7. Caroline

    Hello Annika,
    I just saw you asking for information about the Ayurvedic Cooking Classes. You can find it here 🙂
    Do it! It’s a wonderful experience and you learn soo much!
    Ayurvedic Cooking Retreat

  8. Manoj Kargudri

    Being Vegetarian is much spiritual and healthy. It is also not advisable to consume too spicy, foods with chilies, oil and masala. A little bit of it just for taste if needed will be fine. Food intake directly influences mental attitude and thinking capabilities. Too much of raw chili, onion, garlic, etc will create destructive vibrations, like anger, hatred, frustration, etc which will make a person fickle. It can also influence in formation of intestinal ulcers. On the other hand meals like Milk, Fruits, Green Vegetables, salads, cereals, baked products, whole grains, germinated grains, etc will definitely help improve appetite and immunity levels. In fact vegetarian foods have more protein values compared to the other.

  9. Hans-Christian Vom Kolke

    Can I order this for the Christmas holidays? 😉

  10. Swami Balendu

    Of course, noted and confirmed! any other wish? Love

  11. Armin

    Another receipe for my collection. :-)Thank you very much!


  12. Golan

    Delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Regina

    ooooo, awesome. I’m gonna send this one to my mom.

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