Delicious Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Palak Paratha – 10 Jul 09


Today we had lots of fun making palak parathas, flat Indian bread with spinach. We had double fun because Ramona wanted to note down the recipe to add it to our collection. Usually I have no idea how much flour or ghee I use, I just do it by feeling so she always had to remind me first to measure how much I will put in. But finally we had great paratha and so I said to her we could as well put the recipe onto today’s diary and let people also have this great taste.

Palak Paratha

Learn to make Palak Paratha which is Indian flat Bread with Spinach


Preparation Time: 30 min
Cook time: 30 min
Total time: 60 min


3 Replies to “Delicious Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Palak Paratha – 10 Jul 09”

  1. I have used this recipe several dozen times. I love it. Baby Portebellos or buttons are a great addition to this recipe (saute them first). Goat cheese adds a pleasant sourness that goes great if the Spinach is fresh but with this combination your going to want to sweeten things up a little. You could do this lots of ways but my favorite has been mixing a pinch of sweet apple chutney into the cheese. The best cheese with this recipe (if your going to add it which I would not recommend if you use cream spinach) is ricotta. My wife’s favorite is a little bit of Mozzarella but this makes the dish greasy.

  2. Sounds tasty! And also I think it’s very relaxant if you cook and prepare your food by feeling. But if you share some delicious food with others, you should expect that people will also ask you for recipe 😉