Kadhi – Delicious Ayurvedic Vegetarian Recipe – 8 Sep 10


Today I would like to write down the recipe for one of Ramona’s favourite Indian dishes: Kadhi. Kadhi is a healthy Ayurvedic dish which looks a bit like soup and has a sour taste. It is a great remedy for colds, coughing and throat problems when drunk hot. This is also the dish which gave the name to the ‘curry’, a word which nowadays seems to be used for anything that is saucy and Indian. Try the original yourself:


Kadhi – A popular delicious Indian dish in Ayurvedic way



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15 Replies to “Kadhi – Delicious Ayurvedic Vegetarian Recipe – 8 Sep 10”

  1. Dear Swami Ji, Thank you for the great recipe. Please write more recipes, in your Recipe section there are only 3 more.Looking forward to cook this one!

  2. Thats alot of Kadhi … 🙂 I will try it today for Dinner my little Brother will come over so thats a wonderfull idea to let him test healthy food … just need to get some more Yoghurt …. :))))) Thanks for shareing …I love coocking :))…))))))))See More

  3. We do not use Onions and Garlics in the ashram Kitchen as it is not considered as Sattvic food according to Yoga philosophy. Sweet Neem leaves are called Curry Leaves.